A Night Of Excitement

A Night Of Excitement


Hi, my name is Kushal. I am doing PG from a well-known college in Chennai, and I am a medium-looking guy.  I am going to share my experience from 8 months ago.


Raj is a friend of mine. It was our third semester, and Raj was able to arrange a trip(Goa) with his friend Rakhi. He invited her to a drinking party, which she also agreed to on one condition.  She will come with her friend, and my friend has to get a friend to avoid any noise there.


We agreed and booked four tickets.  Luckily I was the friend to accompany on Raj’s side and Rakhi on their side. (unfortunately, Rakhi’s friend didn’t come at the last minute). So she was alone. 


We arrived at 10:10 a.m. with three full bachelors and searched the rooms.  By the end, a taxi driver noticed us and took us to a separate house worth 2000 in one night.  We agreed because there was no other way.


We started drinking. I stopped in the middle and went to sleep (this is my condition).  The bottle ran out, and Rakhi vomited. And Raj called me to lift her, bathed her, and dressed her in Raj’s T-shirt.  Again I went to sleep and saw that Raj was behaving wildly with her. She started screaming.  I kept sleeping (pretending to be asleep).  


Kushal helped me because this guy was doing something. Then I went to him and pushed him aside and looked at Raj in the blink of an eye ‘do when she is sleeping more’.  Raj misunderstood my gesture (I wish he could stop this nonsense) and looked at me and lay down on the bed.  It gave me a chance, she came up to me and hugged me, and she was wearing nothing inside her t-shirt.


It made me do something, and she felt something between her thighs.  I didn’t look at her but pushed myself away. She didn’t leave me, and she hugged me tighter.  I slowly opened my eyes, and she was already looking at me.  I kissed her forehead and pushed myself upwards.  She stopped me, grabbed my face, and gave me an enthusiastic liplock.  Oh God…  I was tasting the girl’s lips for the first time. She took my lips inside her mouth like heaven.  We were sleeping very tightly as a hug.


Suddenly she woke me up and told me to go with her to the restroom, and she was not confident to walk alone.  I took her to the door of the bathroom.  She said that she could not stand in that slippery restroom.  I went inside, and she said lock the door.  I ask why? She just said ‘Raj.’ And I’m locked up.  She was unconscious without realizing it (feeling indifferent after drinking). She sat without taking off 3/4 of her shorts. 


Suddenly she stood up, raised her hand and rested it on my shoulder, and asked me to remove those shorts.  I looked at her, and she said, ‘I can’t do it alone,’ so I pulled her and sat her down, and she peeked up.  And she gestured to put on the shorts again.  Within this interval, my equipment has become more robust.  She also noticed a change in my shorts.


I dressed her shorts again.  She told me to pee.  I told her to go out.  She told me to go that way, and she would go back.  When I started, she turned around to see how I struggled to pee with my up-pointing dick.


Then I flushed it back. She came to me and sat opposite the same porcelain washbasin.  My penis was pointing upwards, and it was near her stomach.  She felt it too, and she was very depraved.  Again we kissed in the same position.  Then she removed the T-shirt and put her heavy boobs in my mouth.  I had to suck it.  And it was a smooth and great feeling.


Then she came to my ear and told me to bite the tip, and I did the same.  Then she grabbed my dick. It was incredible when my tool was first in the hands of any girl.  And it was like running gossips over my body.  We did it for 10 minutes.  It was the first time for herself, too, so she was shivering and stopping my hands from doing so‎. But I did continuously, and her juice of heaven came out. And she enjoyed it by hugging me so tight.


Then she stood for a while so that my dick was pointing at her pussy.  I realized the position, and I started rubbing the tip of my dick on the top of her sweet pussy lips.  She started crying. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.’ When I try to sort.  She felt pain, and she suddenly stood up.  When I tried for the 5th time, I grabbed her thigh and pushed it down so that my dick would go inside.  The two of us kissed in pain and hugged so tightly.  I felt that my dick had come entirely out of the skin.  And it was a pain mixed with pleasure.  We stayed in the same position for 2 minutes.


We also beat our lips because of the excitement and joy, and pain.  She came to my ear and asked, is it wrong? I said, ‘No, dear. 


Then she began to rise very slowly.  It was so beautiful.  I was responding very slowly.  And I hugged her and moved up and down in 5 minutes.  I said I was going to get up, and she came to my ear again and said ‘I’m in safe time’ then I got tied up inside her and hugged her, and we got up to wash, and we washed each other, and we went to sleep again. 


In another few minutes, she called me back to the restroom.  This time I removed her clothes completely.  I pushed her and kissed her body, and I lifted her left leg, and this time I put my tool directly inside her, and I was fucking very hard.  This time she was also wildly ah ah! Fast ‘mmmm please huh mum uhhh’ by these words I was getting wilder.  I kicked her back from behind.  All my wishes come true when I watch porn videos.  Again I cum inside her.  


When we came back the next day, Raj asked for some marks on her neck, and I got scared, and she said it was nothing and looked at me (actually, it was bitten by me during our first insertion).  I kept all this a secret. And before we left, we hugged each other and exchanged numbers. It was such an incredible trip for us.