All I Need Is Love 

All I Need Is Love 


I am happy, Kavya, 21 years old.  My height is 5″1’, and my measurements are 34-26-30.  I am skinny with a tight butt; my bra size is 34B. I have a fair complexion with long, straight hair.


The incident happened to me four years ago when I was in college.  I was dating my classmate Joy.  We were together for about six to seven months.  After college, we would meet often, spend time together, go to the movies and stuff but never have sex.


We kissed a few times, and he touched my breasts a few times.  But that was all.  We did nothing more than that.  Boys and girls will fuck each other from the first date while they are in the generation; I want to have sex with him sometimes.


Joy indirectly tried to ask me if our relationship should lead to sex.  I’ll ignore him because I’m a bit conservative.


My best friend was Rakhi, and the hottest chick in the class.  She would often tell me how she had persuaded a random guy at the club or flirted with one of her education boys.  She encouraged me to have sex with Joy and grab his dick.  She made me imagine his cock and how it was getting into my pussy.


I woke up so much to her stories that I finally decided to lose my virginity to Joy.  I was determined to fuck Joy in my pussy.  The next thing was how to tell him I wanted his cock.  Asking him directly can be very awkward, so Rakhi suggests giving me some ideas.


Later that night, while I was chatting with Joy, I spied on the conversations.  I sent my nude picture revealing my nipples.  I was a little nervous about how he would think.  He replied immediately. “Wow, baby!  Very soft.  Your tits are perfect.  I wasn’t expecting this picture, but it was great.


My confidence increased.  I flirted with Joy and sent another picture.  I can drive him crazy.  He sent me his dick pic for the first time, and it was unique, thick, and challenging.


Now I was more desperate for it.  I asked Joy to have sex with me.  He was surprised and gladly agreed.  We were encouraged and planned the details.


The next day was Saturday, half a day in college.  We decided to go to his house after college.  Luckily his parents were out of town for a few days.  No one was home so that we could have sex there.  My dress was a short red skirt along with a white top.  My skirt was above knee length, and I had a ponytail.


We reached his house. We were nervous and still excited.  We walked towards each other and kissed.  It was a deep and long kiss.  We were very close to each other.  


His hand was caressing my back.  They were slowly descending.  He stretched my skirt and started rubbing my ass over my panties.  “Umm, I love you,” I whispered as I kissed him.  


He removed his index finger and then used his middle finger as well.  “Ah ahh, I like it. My pussy was so hot. You wet me.”  He was rubbing me very well, and my panties were getting wet.  We stopped kissing and looked into each other’s eyes.


We removed our shoes, and Joy knelt.  He took off my wet panties and kissed my pussy. He was actually under my skirt, eating me.  His tongue felt very good there. He first kissed, sucking my clit.  Then he put his tongue in my vagina.


I was jumping up and down.  I was screaming, “Ah, yes, ah!”  One of my hands was inside the shirt, holding my right lip, and the other was happily holding his hair out.  He was licking me deeply and moving his tongue all the way.  I was dripping badly.  The juice was coming out of my hot cunt.


My hips are loose now; my hole was a bit stretched.  My boobs were completely hard and firm. I took a breath, but Joy didn’t want to stop.  His Beast mode was activated, which I am already enjoying.


He carried me on his shoulders and led me to his bed.  He threw me on his bed and started removing his uniform.  He was completely naked.  He was gently rubbing her 7-inch dick, ready for it to act.  It was so dense and well shaved.


His penis was dark brown, and I could see the pink top of it because it was perfectly erect and hard.  He pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs.  He started rubbing his cock on the lips of my pussy and started teasing me.  “Put the fat growth in me, baby.  I want you inside me badly.


Joy gently inserted it into my hole.  My vagina was already so wet, which helps with lubrication.  He was pressing his dick deep, softly, and firmly.  “Ah,” I cried, screaming in pain.  This was my first time, and it hurt a bit.  But he was cooperating with me, and his dick was running gently between me.


He was stroking, and with each stroke, his dick was getting deeper into my vagina.  My pussy is expanding.  I can loosen it and make the hole wider.  I was enjoying his cock.  


It was so erotic I couldn’t stop touching myself, like rubbing my ass or playing with my tits.  As I feel a little more comfortable now and overcoming the initial pain, Joy starts increasing his speed and using more energy.  He was using his body to produce more power and pressing with his hips.


He lifted my legs and began to push me harder.  I was screaming and enjoying myself.  “Yeah, yeah, I’m your bitch. Fuck me harder.”  He was now fucking me wildly.  Hiscock was destroying my cunt, and my hard vagina was expanding to its maximum power.


After 15 minutes, he pulled his penis, lifted me, and threw his dick into my mouth.  I was a little surprised.  He was getting rough.  His cock smelled a bit, but he gave me no chance.  


He said, “Fuck this bitch, take it.”  I had to push his cock for a second to catch my breath.  After that, he put it inside again.  I can’t believe I’m giving someone a blowjob for real.  It was more complex than the porn look.


I want to take out his dick from time to time to catch my breath and spit his cock.  Sometimes I swallow it too.  Joy grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head firmly on his cock.  Even his balls were touching my lips this time.


It was deep in my mouth.  My mouth was wide, and my eyes were as big as owls.  I sucked all of this, and he finally took his cock out.  We were both breathing heavily.  I just got tired and fell into bed.  He was also tired.  He lay on my back.


He hugged me from behind and kissed me.   He extended one of my legs and put his cock in my pussy again.  


We were kissing, and he was also pressing my boobs one by one.  He was in love with them while fucking me.  I was crying.  The pain was less now and the joy more.  My pussy is ruined.


Joy is whispering dirty things in my ears.  He was spreading my vagina with more force.  My tears were flowing.  I tried to be as long as possible, but after 10 minutes, I came on top of his dick.


He said, “I’ll work!”  He immediately pulled his penis.  I am sitting on my knees on the floor with my eyes closed.  He grabbed his dick and spread his warm thick cock over my face.  I don’t know why I took it over my face.


But I felt like a porn star at the moment I pulled out my tongue and swallowed a few drops. He jerked the last few drops of his cock that fell on my pussy.


Then I went to the washroom to clean myself. That’s how Joy broke my virginity.  It was pretty erotic. I liked how he dominated me and took the hell out of me.