An Erotic Night

An Erotic Night

I am Sejal, a 32-year-old unmarried woman, originally from Kerala, living in Delhi and working here. I don’t believe in marriage. Here I am going to narrating an incident of my sex adventure, which happened in my office.

It was my second sexual experience. Before this incident, I had sex with my ex-fiance.  This is one of the most memorable sex events of my life. Parth was my boss, and I was his secretary.  He was very handsome, 36 years old.  He was married and had two children.  His wife was working as a teacher in Delhi public school.  Everyone in the office had to wear uniforms.  Most of the time, I was in his cabin, making documents and helping my boss.

I was staying in a working women’s hostel at the time.  I had a uniform with a grey skirt and white top, which only had half my thighs covered. I was very embarrassed at the beginning of it, but soon got used to it.  

Once, while I was narrating a document to him, I came very close to him.  I noticed that he was looking at me. Suddenly he hugged me and started kissing me.  I was shocked.  He smiled at me and said, “You are so sexy, Sejal. I was a little shocked to see his behavior, but I enjoyed his tight hug and kiss.

It turned me on, but I hid my feelings.  He took my hand and kissed me.  I was a bit hesitant that he resisted me as my boss; what would he think of me if I readily agreed to it?  My brain was full of questions.  He asked me to kiss him.  Hesitantly I kissed his cheek.  He got up and took me to a small cabin, and hugged me.  He gave a deep kiss on my lips.  

My wife is not home today; we can spend the night at my house, okay?  He asked.  I thought for a while.  I am a very horny girl, and I always like to enjoy sex.  Moreover, he was my boss, and I was afraid that he might find some reason and remove me from my job if I refused.  So I told him yes.  I called the hostel and said I was going home urgently, so I wanted a vacation.  They permitted me.  After office hours, I went to his house.  It was a big bungalow.

Parth opened the door and led me inside.  He closed the door and hugged me from behind, and tipped my big tits up.  His hand slipped inside my skirt.  This performance soon made me horny.  I inadvertently turned my face and kissed him deeply.  My panties started to get wet.  He gently put his hand inside my panty and touched my soft, shaved, wet pussy.

Soon, his fingers went into my ass.  We slowly went to the bedroom.  Parth gently pulled my skirt down and lifted me.  Meanwhile, I unzipped his pants and removed his shirt.  Parth looked at my sexy body.  I saw that his cock was getting hard in his underwear.  I pulled it down and saw his hard cock.  It was about 9 inches long and huge.

I was dying to suck that huge cock of my boss, but he hugged me again and gave me a deep kiss on my red lips.  Parth sucked my lips and twisted our tongues.  His fingers entered my sweet pot again.  I moaned softly as his fingers played with my clitoris.  I moved his cock in my hand.  It was scorching, and I felt the power of it in my hand. Don’t shake too much, honey.  I can work soon,” he whispered in my ear.

Parth kissed my right boobs on top of my transparent and lacy blue bra.  I like to wear transparent underwear.  After our first fuck, Parth gave me five pairs of transparent panties!  I unhooked my bra and put my mouth in his mouth. He never stopped playing with my leaking pussy.  I was hot as hell and wanted to suck his giant cock. It’s throbbing in my hand.

I want to suck you, darling.  I complained.  I kissed him again and gently removed my face.  I took his cock in my hand and kissed him from top to bottom. I slowly started sucking the big cock. I took it in my mouth completely.  It was as long as my throat.  I took it out and shivered, sucking again. I know he’s enjoying my sucking.  Oh my dear, you are taking me to heaven. Yes, baby, hurry up.  After a while, he said it was enough, and now he wants to eat my pussy.

I removed my panties and sat on the sofa with my legs spread, and my pussy was ready for my boss. Slowly, his tongue penetrated my lubricated crotch.  I screamed with great pleasure.  He put his hand under my hips and pulled my pussy close to his mouth.  His tongue went inside my soft thirsty pussy.  The juice was flowing from it. Parth has eaten ideally.

The movement of his tongue inside my tongue made me very horny. He kept my legs open on both sides.  He placed my legs on his shoulders and guided his hot 9-inch long cock into my vagina.  It was a bit hard, and I cried in pain. With my help, he thrust his cock inside my cunt, and I felt the pull of his cock inside me.

I gave him a sweet kiss and ordered, fuck me now, yes honey, his cock was in my vagina, I screamed with joy.  His cock was coming out fast in my vagina.  He lay on top of me and kissed me. Then, he grabbed my tits and went to fuck me.  We were both making loud noises, and the room was filled with screams and noises.  We were both enjoying our first sex.

Parth was powerful, and he knew all the ways to satisfy a woman in sexual intercourse. As the fucking increased, I got hotter. His cock was perfectly erect, and I kissed it once more. It was perfectly lubricated because my pussy was so wet. I sucked his ball.  

I had my boss’s big and hot cock, perfectly erect and inside my beautiful pussy.  I was fixed for a while to enjoy the cock filled in my vagina. Then, I started moving from top to bottom.  It was a new experience.

“I love you now ahhhhh” He gave me a lot more pleasure.  Lying under my arm, he squeezed the milk.  I always like dominance when fucking.  Parth took his cock back from my pussy and claimed to me that he wanted doggy style. I allowed it.  He kissed my ass and put his tongue in my wet pussy again.  He entered again from behind me. In the middle of throwing his cock in my love hole, he hugged my ass cheek.  I enjoyed every moment of his wild fuck.

Dear, I’m going to work, shall I pour it inside?  He asked. No honey, I want to drink your milk.  He stood in front of me, and I took his cock in my mouth again.  Two or three minutes later, I drank his milk.  It was delicious.  We kissed and hugged again.  We lay down for a while.  Half asleep, I woke up and saw Parth was awake.  I gave him a sweet deep kiss.  

Darling, I want to fuck you again.  He muttered.  I agreed with him; I got all the boundaries and ordered him to punch me.  No, darling, I want your ass this time,” he said.” He licked my pussy again while fingering my ass.  He told me to relax, and all the time, he was kissing my body and cresting.

Parth applied some gel on his cock and my ass.  He gently parted my legs and gently put his cock inside my ass.  It was excruciating, and I screamed.  He was moving very fast.  I cried again.  Tears flowed down my cheeks.  But it was very pleasing.

He took more time because he had ejaculated a while ago.  After a bit, he shot his load on my heavy gold asshole again, and he removed his cock from my ass.  We cuddled several times that night, and I enjoyed each session.  Parth was the strongest person in my life.  We had many nights together after our “first night,” and each night was a new experience for me.