An Evening With Full Of Pleasure 

An Evening With Full Of Pleasure 

Hi, I am Shrestha from Kolkata.  This is the story of me and my office colleague Rahul.  I quit my job, but this incident still lingers in my mind.  I request you all to read till the end.  We have been working together for about four years, and the tone of our relationship was perfect.  We never had any intention in our minds that we would go to bed naked with each other one day.

Let me tell you about Rahul. He has been married for over seven years, and he is about 32 years old. We were tuning in well with each other.  We need each other’s help to work every day.  

In August 2017, our company had its annual meeting, and we were taken to an outdoor resort on Saturday morning.  All staff members drove their cars to the resort.

I don’t want to go too deep, but it was 3 hours before our session ended, and we were all tired and had our tea break.  I rested for an hour, and then I was roaming in the resort when I saw Rahul, and then we had a little chat. As it was a big resort, we thought of looking, and we started exploring the place.

We kept walking, chatting, joking and came to a beautiful and secluded place, and there was a view of beautiful Mandarmani beach in front of us. There was a rock on which we sat and enjoyed the natural beauty.  Our discussion was about family life, office life, company policy about employees, etc.  About 5:30 when we thought of going ahead and exploring more of the natural beauty.  When I was about to stand up, there was an obstruction in my back, and I started having severe pain in my back. 

I said my house was being renovated, and I  did a lot of cleaning work last night.  Even though I came to the resort this morning, I have done more than necessary.  I knew my back was hurting, so I brought the ointment cream. Then I said, now we should go. But the resort was about 4 kilometers from the beach, and it was impossible to get this kind of help in the evening.  He said, let me move around a bit, and Rahul returned after about 15-20 minutes.  The incident is going to start with the conversation below.

Me: Got someone

Rahul: No, there’s nobody here.

Me: All right. I’ll manage.

Rahul: What am I?  (With long breaks) 

Me: What can you do?

Rahul: (very innocently), let’s go to the resort, then I’ll apply the move on your back.

Me: No… no… no…

Rahul: Okay, you can go ahead, but any trouble, you can call me.

Me: (I was leaving) But how do you apply it?

Rahul: I can put my hands under the T-shirt and apply the ointment.

Me: I have my two-piece night suit, and it would be even better.

Rahul: Great. I’m in the lobby, call me when you change into your night suit, and I’ll come in.

Me: All right. Somewhat awkward.  I never thought you would help me like this.

Rahul: I have massaged my wife many times, so massaging is not new to me.  I understand your pain.

Me: She is lucky.

Rahul: Maybe.

Then he came to my room, and He started applying the cream and started massaging my back.

Rahul: Should I apply more pressure?  And let me know what style you like. 

He knows that the lower part is just above the hip crack.  Then he started massaging the bottom back, and now our chat is over.  I was enjoying the massage with my eyes closed.  The concentration of mischief and lust for me was about to grow. But he was in control, and my mind was moving like a pendant.  It was a difficult situation for both of us. For a while, he massaged the bottom back and then got up and then slowly moved from the top back to the bottom back. 

Me: All right now, it feels good.

Rahul: Do you have pain in your legs?  What should I do?

Me: I was telling you about my legs.

Rahul: (laughs) I am your servant, madam.  

He told me to lie on my back facing the ceiling.  Then he started massaging my legs. I still have my eyes closed.  It was the right time to move on. With no hesitation from my side, he started rubbing my thighs and up to my inner thighs. My breathing started to increase and now came when he tried to put his hand under my pajama.  In just one second, I said. What are you doing?  (My voice was soft).

Rahul: (very innocently) I was massaging. His hands were now down to his knees. 

Me: You are a bad person.

Rahul: Hey, don’t say that… I’m very obedient.  Always helpful.

Me: Now what.

Rahul: Forget about the event. 

Me: Is that easy?

Rahul: Yes.

Then suddenly, he just came to me and said, hey, look into my eyes. Because my pendants on my neck hit him on the chest, and there was redness.  I saw it and said,

Me: Look what happened there.

Rahul: It’s because of the pendant on your neck.

Me: Then why didn’t you tell me?

Rahul: The joy I get is nothing compared to the pain.

Me: What now?

Rahul: That means I should go ahead.  

This moment took 1.5 hours to arrive.  The moment I said hmm.. he started to hug me tightly and started swaying here and there.  Slowly he kissed my neck… then my lower neck. The kiss was slow, and then he began to move his tongue in my mouth. We kissed for 15-20 minutes.  I looked into his eyes, and then I saw him smiling.

Me: Are you in a hurry?

Rahul: Let me touch your boobs.

And then he was gently pressing my boobs. (Just like a curious boy)

Me: Haven’t you seen anyone’s breasts?

Rahul: I have seen nude boobs in porn movies and Pritha’s (my wife), of course, but no one else.  

He was pressing my tits, and I was screaming and enjoying every bit of it.  It was a great moment. He took my red bra, and now my breasts are fully open. He started sucking it. His hands were on the back of my head.  It was heaven.  We both didn’t expect that to happen. His hand was going to my lower portion, but I stopped him and asked,

Me: Condoms? 

Rahul: Yes, I completely forgot.

Me: So, what are we going to do?

Rahul: Go for dinner and then drive to the highway, and there we will find a medical store.

Me: All right, you wait in the lobby. I’ll change and get there.

Rahul: You can change in front of me.

Me: No. You wait outside the lobby. Maybe someone will see us.

Rahul: All right 

Before he left, he started kissing. I like this kind of unexpected movement.  

Me: What are you doing? You are weird.

Rahul: I love it.

Then we went for our dinner. Only the director was there and none of our staff or marketing people.  We had our dinner and asked the manager if there was a medical store on the highway.  He said yes it is but you have to go about 5 km from here.  I said, don’t worry, we have time, and we will handle it.  We went to the parking lot, and it was dark and lonely.  Rahul kept the key but did not start the engine.

Me: What happened?

Rahul: Petrol.  (It means a smooch)

Me: What ????? 

He looked at me and made his face in such a way that he needed to kiss me.

Me: Oh ho….

Then we kissed there for 2-3 minutes.

Me: You are naughty.  (Laughs out loud)

Rahul: Yes, I am

While driving, he started pressing my tits with his hands.  I forcibly stopped it and held his hand.  

Me: Slow down, dear.. not now.  

We arrived at the medical store, and then he bought a packet of dotted condoms. He got back in the car, but he didn’t start the car until I kissed him.

It was about 3km away from the resort.  Then came the point where everything went dark, and we didn’t see anyone there. He stopped the car.

Me: What happened now?

Rahul: (Looking into my eyes) I want.

Me: Oh no.  

Rahul: Take off your pajamas. I want to lick your pussy.

Me: What?  No,  year, someone will come.

Rahul: Look, nothing will happen.

Me: Are you sure? 

Rahul: Yes, sure

I unbuttoned my pajamas.  He came to me and started licking my pussy with his hands on my hips. It was a great feeling.  I was enjoying it more than Rahul.  I knew it was risky, so I told him to pack up quickly.  After I got dressed, I went to my seat.  I looked at him.

Rahul: So how was it?

Me: It was great, but it was risky

Rahul: Come on. I want to fuck your hole.

We went to the resort and locked the door. Then he kissed me and said, I’ll fuck you so hard that you won’t need another in your life. 

Then he pushed me on the bed and started playing with my boobs and started sucking like a hungry dog. He licked my pussy again. Then he said, wow, what a juicy pussy!  While sucking, he put his hand on the vagina and started fingering.

Then, he started rubbing my pussy for a few minutes and kissing my body.  He put his penis in my vagina.  I cried out loud, and his tool was inside my cunt. He was speeding up and tearing my cunt, and I was bleeding a little.  

Then we had a new kind of sex in the washroom.  We both had some chocolate, and I poured it all over his body and started licking from head to toe. He was screaming “Oh baby,” and he was in more mood and now his turn and he pressed it directly on my boobs, and he started to enjoy every bit of it, and we enjoyed sex under a nice shower, and then we had rest for a while. 

After that, we got fresh and went to bed.  When we woke up, we ordered our breakfast.  Before leaving the room, he gave me a deep french kiss and gave me a gift, and told me not to open it in public.