At 3 AM…

At 3 AM…

Finally, we decided it’s time to call it a night and we slept hugging each other fully naked. His legs were mine and he held my boobs. We slept like babies, just like we wanted. 

Suddenly I felt something licking my legs…I opened my eyes and realized that my extremely naughty man is up to something on my female genitals. I was like woowww…Imagine you are in half sleep and someone is licking your pussy….Isn’t it the wildest fantasy in the world? I held his head and directed him towards the deeper hole…he continued doing and brought both his hands up towards my breasts. He kept on pressing them in half sleep. I realized that he was also half asleep but wanted to do this. He kept licking my pussy slowly and gently but it was driving me mad…I immediately took both my legs and wrapped them around his head. I was literally feeling divine….

And he made me cum …..Then OMG look at his energy he wanted 69..I agreed to his naughty smile and mischievous looks…We adjusted our positions and then began the sucking game…OMG it was like who can make the other go crazy sooner….Within 5 minutes we were moaning like crazy….Our liquids were dripping and our mouths too….and then I don’t know what came upon him he immediately took me and made me stood to stand against the big and wide glass wall. Through the glass wall you can see the big wide road that opens up to the Howrah bridge….The glass is opaque and thus we can see everything but anyone from the road can’t see all the action happening….And the AC room and the chilled glass made me crazy like anything. We both were naked…half asleep. He lifted one of my leg and wrapped up over his hips…Another leg was supporting me at the ground…he immediately in one go only inserted his complete penis into my vagina…that one clean go OMG I miss it and crave for it now….He started banging me first slowly and gradually increased his speed. When he was banging me my hips would hit against the wall and a sound was being made. We both loved that sound and it made us go crazy like anything. 

He first started with slow and gentle bangs…More of a circle and then gradually he increased his pace..and it became loud and too fast..I was also moaning like crazy and he was using dirty language like crazy to drive himself off. 

We both seemed to be in a state of trance and wanted the time to pause again. It’s another feeling to fuck against a wide road and the dawn and birds flying over your sky….Soon he exploded and gave up on my shoulders. 

I thought we are done..But no he turned me back and now he wanted to fuck my ass as well. I was enjoying this little wild morning show. He again inserted the full penis into my ass and God we haven’t done the ass fucking in some time so it was a bit painful and my ass was tight like anything. I immediately said ooucch and he smacked me hard and said take it inside…I loved that manliness and that little pain…

He pushed my hair on one side…held my head and started fucking me like crazy…In and out and I could feel my breath and my whole body vibrating. He brought his hands over my breasts and started pressing them hard leaving his nail marks on them. Soon he came all over my ass. I immediately turned forward and hugged him.  He gave me a hickey in return above my right boob. He knew I loved those hickeys. 

We decided to drink some water and complete our sleep…..