Beyond Your Imagination

Beyond Your Imagination


Greetings to all.  I have been an ISS reader for quite some time.  This is my first ever story.  I am a 22-year-old boy from Kolkata and currently doing my animation course.  I am about 5 ″ 9′ tall with an average body.


This happened during Diwali 2012. My parents went to visit my grandparents at home alone for a whole month.  It was at this time that I had my first sexual encounter with my childhood friend kajal. I’m not sure who started it.  We were best friends, but I always had the feeling that my first time would be with her.


One day when we were returning home from school, it started to rain quite unexpectedly.  So there we were walking home from school in the rain.  It just rained, and it was about a kilometer away, not too far away.  My house was nearby, so we made a run for it. First, we went to change our wet clothes.  I gave her a long sleeve t-shirt to wear.  She changed it and took off all her other clothes.  I put on a T-shirt and one of my favourite boxers, and we left our clothes on the chair to dry.  She thought she should wait until the rain stopped and the clothes dried.  In the meantime, we decided to watch a movie to pass our time.


So I turned on the computer and put a romantic movie in it (because kajal asked me), and then we hovered under the blankets to warm up.  I realized how attractive she was in her wet and cold condition.  When we watched the movie, our hands clasped under the covers.  In the beginning, it was completely innocent and intelligent.  As soon as the movie was played on the computer, we played with each other’s fingers.  After the very romantic scene, I cheered myself on my elbows and leaned over her face. I said “kajal” and then pursed my lips.  Surprisingly, she did nothing for a minute before kissing me.  We looked at each other, smiled, and kissed again.  This time she put her tongue in my mouth.  I love that!  Our tongues played with each other, and all of a sudden, I was no longer biting.  We stayed under the blanket, and she kissed me again.  A stiff, intense kiss.  We made it when we were snuggling under the cover. My hand pushed the bottom of the shirt and pressed against her breasts, not knowing what to do.  She moaned into my mouth, which was a huge turn, and I kissed her harder, hugged her more, and then told her that my dick started to grow.


Instantly I opened her bra and started playing with her perfect 32C boobs.  My hands pulled her shaved pussy. I looked at her with satisfaction and kissed her and then moved my lips and my tongue from her mouth, towards her neck, towards her stomach, inside her thighs.  I kissed and licked her pussy as much as I could not touch it.  I wanted to annoy her. And it worked because she suddenly grabbed my head. First, deep inside, getting the full taste of her sexy pussy, and then I worked the clit, inserting my middle and ring finger as deep inside her as I could.  She started to get louder and louder, and so I pressed the same two fingers into her mouth while I continued to eat her.  She sucks them in her taste which always bothers me when girls do.


So after eating for about 10 minutes or more, I decided it was my turn, and she listened louder.  I didn’t want my neighbors to listen to us.  So I got up and pulled my half-erect cock out. “Suck this bitch!” She continued to lick my thick shaft upwards and started sucking on my balls to tease me.  After I was completely stiff, I picked her up from her waist and lowered her ass down.  Then I grabbed her hips and made my thick cock work in her tight ass.  Oh my God!  It was so tough.  She was bleeding and came close to crying because of the pain.  I started licking her hips, and with each thrust, her pain was being replaced by joy. I grabbed her head and began kissing her from behind, constantly teasing her so that her crying became crunchy and not so loud.  I fucked her in doggy style for about half an hour until my climax was felt.  So I forced her to get on her knees.  I told her to let me suck, and she had no problem or could swallow every last drop that turned me on.  Even after my orgasm, I didn’t go any softer.


So I decided to fuck her.  I pulled my cock out of her mouth and picked her up again with her waist.  I then sat on the bed and let her raise me.  She immediately started acting like a fucking pet on her perfect round ass and bottom.  And I just sat back and enjoyed the show.  She tried very hard not to cry.  So she kissed me and bit my neck and shoulders to keep herself quiet.  After she came 4th or 5th, I decided that I was going to fuck this girl.  I started to move my hips simultaneously as I was moving my hips up and down. I fucked her like this for about 15 minutes until I started to get tired.  So I lay down on the bed.


She gained control and started driving me.  Her movements felt so good that I couldn’t sit there.  I grabbed one leg and put it on my right shoulder, and started to drill her harder than I have done so far.  I could see that she was going to scream.  So I started kissing her, and she screamed in my mouth.  Then I stopped, turned her over, and started going doggy style again.  She buried her head in the pillow, and I continued to fuck her hard from behind for another 15-30 minutes until I felt it.  So I started to squeeze her by moving my hips up and down until I thought that her pussy was holding tight on top of my cock for the 8th time, and I blew it right there.  I pulled her head over my cock and shoved every bit of the cum inside me into her mouth.  She swallowed the whole load in one jerk, wiped her face, and then started sucking and licking my dick again.  After her work is over, she is now in her dry clothes, and she decided she has to go; otherwise, her mother will be worried about her being too late. Before leaving my home, we kissed and hugged each other tightly.