Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Can’t Stop Thinking About You


Hi, this is Subham from Darjeeling. 

The girl of this sex story is Sayantoni, who is a bit dark, her size was about 34-30-36.  


Coming to the sex story, this is my real story that happened 6 years ago.  I was working for an MNC company and usually traveled by shuttle. I used to sit in a seat where there were only 3 seats.


If a man came I would shudder inside and if it was a woman I would let her in so I could sit next to the girl.  


One day, Sayantoni was sitting next to me. I was happy to think that any woman was sitting next to me but she was not so happy to be average.  I’m pretending I’m asleep.  I started to touch her arms, the upper arms to her arms.  She was happy and allowed me to move on.  It was the green signal for me.  


Not having too much of a gap I slowly started pushing my elbow towards her belly.  She was hesitant at first, but slowly she allowed me.  How can I miss this opportunity?  I put my elbow inside and occasionally started rubbing my elbow on her stomach and upper fist.  That day I was able to do the maximum on the bus.


The next day she started talking to me and handed me a book to start a conversation.  So we get closer day by day.  Whenever there was a chance, I would pick her up and go down to the office and rub her upper body.  I had to come to the office on a Saturday because of my work pressure.  I told her I was coming to the office on Saturday.  


The same day she even had work and wanted to get very close and have fun so she said she was joining too.  I borrowed my friend’s car. Before reaching the road, I used to grab small pauses during signals and was rubbing Sayantoni’s things with my left hand and also side melons.


After paying a nice toll, I was in top gear and my left hand was fully engaged rubbing her thighs, enjoying my palm filling up, even though I was driving but felt practically like a fucker.  I then slowly removed the salwar and started rubbing it. She is now tempted.  I now gently turn the head of my hand slightly and start rubbing her breasts.  She was enjoying the feelings.  Her lips were dry and she was looking for a kiss from me.


I parked the car. Now I put a kiss in which she locked my lips.  It’s been 15 minutes since we locked our lips.  My hands were gently lifting her salwar and feeling both her breasts on the bra, I kept pressing them, she started to “ummm, ah ah, ah ah ah.”  Now that I was fully triggered and anxiously told to move to the back seat she sat in the back of the driver’s seat, I immediately picked up her kurta again.  I could see her white bra.  


Now I removed her bra and started sucking her left breast.  I was gently biting her left breast and twisting my index finger on her right breast. She went out of control and gently slid her pants.  She has now removed her pants.


My left hand was busy with a huge watermelon which was really huge, my right hand was with another watermelon.  My left hand helped her remove her pants with the panties that were red. Her pussy was hot, I put my middle finger inside, I was feeling hot and there was a slippery pussy. She rubbed my tool and unzipped and unhooked my belt.  Removed my brown jockey lingerie.  


She held my tool, I put my tool in her pussy, she was thrilled for the first time for both of us.  I gently put it inside, she screamed out, I kissed and locked her face.


Now, my penis was slowly inserted inside.  I fucked her hard.  I removed my penis and saw her fluidity.  I sorted again and continued this action.  After another 5 minutes, I was about to raise and remove my tool.   


We were resting for about 5 minutes and thinking for one more round, but I got a call from my manager.  So we had to come to the office, we had a session again when we got back home.  Because of the darkness we came to the exact same path that many did not have.  I stopped the car and had a great quick fuck.


I washed my friend’s car and returned it to him.  After that and when we go to the office we sit in the last seat and enjoy ourselves. I put my hands inside the bra, playing with the breasts.  Sucking them all the way.  Sometimes we would cuddle in the office and go to hotels for fun.


Now she is married and happy with her husband.