Fantasy Life 

Fantasy Life 


This story about how my girlfriend’s best friend persuaded me to fuck her. Well, I am Arko; from Chennai, a 27-year-old man, currently 5’10 tall, with a beautiful decent-built 7-inch tool.


 The story was about two years ago.  One of my girlfriends had Shruti, which was super hot. We’ve been together for a year, and we tried our best to have sex. One day we were discussing our fantasies so that we could spice up our sex life.


Since my girlfriend had modern cheeks, she never wore a saree.  So I told her how I wanted to fuck her in a white sari like the first night scene.  She told me it would happen soon. It was while we were at the graduation stage of our lives that we lived separately with friends in different places.  But we both had the key to each other’s business, and we spent the weekend together.


Shruti had a best friend who lived with her.  Her name was Ankana. Ankana was a curvy woman with a 36-28-35 body when Shruti was thin and hot.  Her busty image will drive any man crazy.  Shruti used to share everything about our sex life with Ankana.


Ankana had a bad breakup and has not had a boyfriend for the last eight months.  So she was the third wheel.  She would go with us to restaurants and movie theaters.  So Shruti’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to plan a surprise party for her.  I invited her office friends and some other friends to help Ankana.


Ankana and I plan to meet at their house after Shruti leaves for work.  We both agreed that we would tell Shruti that we were going to the office.  I reached their place and rang the doorbell, but no one answered.  So I called Ankana, and she told me she was taking a bath and told me to wait in the hall because I had the key.


I was busy understanding everything for the team when Ankana heard me calling.  As I looked at her, I was amazed to see that she had enough cleavage in a white sari.  The saree was under her navel, showing her curved hips showing I was stunned and stared at her.


Ankana asked me what had happened.  I recovered a bit and said nothing.  She then came and sat next to me.  She started talking about Shruti, but my whole concentration was on her milky white breasts wrapped in front of me through the cleavage.


 She noticed and asked me why I was looking at her.  I told her that today she is looking amazing because I have not seen her in any saree.  She laughs at it, and we start discussing the party.


Ankana began to lightly touch me on my thighs and bend in front of me, and I tried to kiss her halfway in anticipation of a slap on my face.


Instead, I had a positive response.  We kissed for about 10 minutes while I was trying to press her breasts over the saree.  


Arko- Do you think that the sari you were wearing was a coincidence?  


Ankana- Shruti told me about this.


Arko- But why?


Ankana- I wanted you to fuck me from the day I broke up with my boyfriend; that’s why I came everywhere with the two of you.  Will you look at me or kiss me?


It needed all my encouragement.  I kissed her juicy lips like a hungry lion as I approached her. After another 10 minutes of kissing, I took off her saree half-naked in her blouse and petticoat.


I then picked her up and took her to the bedroom to put her to bed, and started kissing her all over her body.  Then I took out that blue blouse and expressed that 36B perfect milk.  They were just perfect.  When I started sucking her, she was trying to take me to the other breast.


I gently moved my hand towards her pussy which was dripping wet.  She was not wearing any panties inside.  I started fingering her, which lasted for another 15 minutes.  Then I removed her dress to reveal the pink shaved pussy.


I can’t control myself after watching it.  I parted her pussy lips, licked the inside of my tongue, and my particular moved language began to the tornado.  She started to get louder as I began to.  After another 10 minutes, a shiver went through her body, and she became curved.  I drank all her juices.


Then she got up, and it was my turn to treat the royal family.  She unzipped my pants, got down on her knees, and started sucking me.  She is a pro at the moment.  I’ve never blown before.


I told her to stop, and so she paused for a minute and then continued again.  She knew how to work my dick, just bought me, and then waited for a moment.  It lasted for another 10 minutes.


Now I wanted to fuck her, so I pulled her. I pushed her into bed and reached into my wallet for a condom.  She looked at the condom and told me that she was on the pill, so I didn’t need it.  Then I picked up my 7-inch tool that was vibrating near her gut.


I started rubbing my cock without entering.  It drives her crazy, and she starts saying, “Don’t wait for me anymore, fuck me.” 


 So I gently pushed my dick inside her pussy. It was so tight, and it took me a while to slowly make it inside her.  I started fucking her fast.  She then suddenly pulled me to the bed, climbed on top of me, and began to climb me.  Her breasts coming down from the top while she was climbing on top of me was pure heaven.


I then asked her to turn around to see that ass while she was driving me.  I put my cock on her ass and asked if she was an anal virgin.  She answered in the affirmative.  I asked her if I could take it, to which she replied, “I want what you want.”


It needed all my encouragement.  We took a short break, and then I fucked her ass.  We had to use lubrication to do this because it was so hard.  In the beginning, she was feeling the pain which I later transformed into pleasure with her cuddling.


After about 4 hours of fucking her in all imaginative ways, we lay naked. I asked if it was a one-time thing or if she wanted to spread my relationship with the myth. She replied, “You can fuck me whenever you want. Shruti doesn’t need to know. I thought I was the lucky man to survive and gave her a big hug.