First Meeting

First Meeting


Hey guys, this is Ayushmann, from Dubai.  

This story is about Salini. She is 21 years old from Mumbai.  Her figure was 34D-28-32 white with gorgeous eyes and a very soft voice.


After posting my first sex interview on a website, I got many emails asking for women’s contact details, so I was a bit annoyed to see the feedback.  A few days later, I received an email from this girl asking about my current relationship, so I replied to her email.  I told her we had sex, and after that, I came to Dubai, so I am not in a relationship, but if anyone wants, I would like to have a relationship with a string-connected thread.  


She replied to my mail and said that I would send you pictures and details of my contacts. If you are interested in sex, please reply to me with your photographs.


After receiving her pictures, I was surprised to see her hot photos, so I replied to her mail by sending my contact details and photographs.  She answered me back, but this time directly on my WhatsApp, and told me I like you.  You look innocent for sex.  


So after some introduction, she came straight to the point and told me that I want to lose my virginity and have one of the dirtiest sex because I have never felt a physical relationship, so I want to be wild for the first time.  I told her I was in Dubai.  


She was distraught because she knew it would not be possible for me to satisfy her.  So I had to take a risk because of her strong proposal because she was boiling, and she wanted to be satisfied and happy and didn’t want to leave her in any way.


So I planned my short vacation without informing my parents, and I booked a hotel for a week.  After that, I called Salini and told her that I was coming to Mumbai without telling my parents.  And I’m going to stay in a hotel for a week, so could you stay with me for a week?  


She agreed very quickly and said that she would make some plans. I landed in Mumbai and arrived at my hotel.  I got ready and called Salini.  She was on her way, and I was waiting for her outside the hotel.  So suddenly,y a cab stopped in front of me, and Salini came out of the cab and hugged me very tightly as if I was her boyfriend.  I hugged Salini tightly and kissed her on the cheek.  She was looking super hot on the green one-piece dress.


We held each other’s hands and went straight to my room.  She liked the atmosphere of the flat because I made a costly booking.  Once we got inside, she threw her bag in the corner and came straight to me and gave me a passionate kiss, and I also responded to her quite well because she had been so desperate for so long.  


So I broke the kiss and grabbed it tightly from behind, and slapped her ass hard.  She shouted and saidaha, said ahayuHausmantold her for this whole week that you are going to be my bitch and I will fuck you and your hole will feel very dirty, so this is just for my start.


About my behavior, she replied to me, saying, oh my innocent boy, it should be terribly and indifferently.


After listening to her, I just kissed her hard and bit her lip, and started sucking her harsh and deep tongue.  She was becoming hornier in my behavior.  I tore off her dress in an attempt and pressed her to the bed, t; then removed her er shirt and jeans.  


She was putting her fingers inside her panties and fingering her pussy, and looking at me horny way.  I went to bed, and this time, I tore her bra and panties very roughly and grabbed one of her lips and kissed and bit her lip, leaving my other hand very rough in her ass.  


She was screaming and said: O honey, eat me as much as you can for this whole week and make me your whore.  I said, oh, don’t worry, my sex goddess; II won’t let you go right for this entire week.  I started biting her lips on her neck, and then I went to her nipples and swallowed them and ate her nipples very hard.  There were so many red marks all over her body in no time, but she enjoyed the pain and screaming.


After biting her everywhere, I just kept her legs open on both sides until my fingers reached deep into her pussy.  This time tears came out of her eyes because she was a virgin.  After fucking her for 5 minutes with fingers, I started eating her pussy in a very rough way, and she is squaring very severely, and her orgasm was on top of my mouth; I beg too to lick my mouth after sucking her pussy somewhat.  


Then I put my rock-hard cock deep into her throat, and tears were flowing from her eyes, but she wanted me to be rough and dirty; I was fucking her face in a dirty way.  After fucking her face, I came all inside her mouth, and she got all my cock.


And then I started licking her tits very roughly and kissing her and biting her.  I made her body red with bite marks all over her skin.  After a few minutes of playing with her tits, my penis became hard, so I put my penis inside her mouth and began to wether.  


Then I spat in her pussy and rubbed my penis on the lips of her pussy.  And in one hard shot, my penis was deep in her pussy, and she just screamed and asked me to remove my penis.  I told her to wait for a while and let me do it on my way.  It hurts the first time you are a virgin, but you will enjoy it later.


Then I started giving her soft shots to enjoy my rhythm now, so I increased my speed because I wanted her to scream very loudly in pain.  I fucked her for 20 minutes and tore her pussy.  I came all over her cunt, and then I put my penis in her mouth again so that it is hard again, and this time, I made her doggy style, and one by one, I fucked her cunt and her ass.  I made very dark marks on her ass while fucking her.  And she was in terrible pain and screaming very loudly.


That’s how I fucked her in every wrong way.  And in a week we never wear our clothes.  Whenever the hotel waiter came, she would go inside the bathroom, and I would put on the towel.  And then, all day and night, we have the best sex experience of our lives.