He Made Me His Bitch For A Day 

He Made Me His Bitch For A Day 


Hi, I am Tisha from Pune. The story happened a long time ago, but it has changed my life forever.  I was renting a place in 7 rooms.  I was doing a postgraduate diploma and a part-time job to pay for housing and tuition.  The landlord was staying in the last room, and there was a kitchen in front of his house which we could use for making tea or making snacks.


The landlord was a middle-aged (Subham) dark young man whose family often lived in his village.  He was an amiable man, and occasionally we chatted and played carom.  


Everything was normal until I got my part-time job, and I had no money to pay my rent as I could enable all of my study needs.  The landlord understood for a month but then started saying that I must find some way to pay him.  I was getting extra lovely with him so he wouldn’t throw me out.


One day as we were crossing each other in a narrow lobby, I turned to the side and walked away from him so he could go.


He stopped behind me and gently pushed his crutch on my ass and brought his lips to my ears, and whispered when you are going to give me a chiku.  Even though the situation was very stressful, his warm breath against my ears and cheeks was stimulating, and I unknowingly pushed my left towards his crotch so that soon I would be able to pay at least some of it.


He firmly pushed my crash into my butt against the wall and said he wanted to think about some way to pay and reduce this tension.  I could feel the tightness of his semi-erect cock pressing against my hips.


The Holi festival came, and by evening, all the people had gone to their house without me due to submitting the projects.  I was preparing snacks in the kitchen, and the landlord was watching an adult movie in his room, and he turned the volume so I could hear the sound.  After a while, he switched on the TV and came to the kitchen.


He came up behind me, pressed his bullying crutch on my back, and said, “Hey, you’re making friendly snacks, and I have some excellent beer.  


He whispered in my ear that if I am a very good and cooperative person, he will help me.  With that, he put his hand on my waist and hugged me from behind, and wiped my lips against my cheek.  I shivered and asked him what he wanted from me.  To which he replied, “something you would not like to give.”


He put his hand inside my shirt and grabbed my almost feminine breasts.  That’s when I objected and told him that I was not such a person and that what he was doing was wrong.  I tried to get out of his embrace, but he was too strong, and I whipped him and begged him to please leave me, and I will do something to clear the payment soon.


He said, let me show you what the real man is like, and he gave me a hard slap in the face which made me cry.


He said if I did not cooperate, he would slap me more and throw me out of the house.  He took me to the sofa, and while sitting, he pulled me into his lap with the other.


I fought weakly but sat on his lap.  I felt him throbbing and rose against my butt, and felt the warmth of my thighs.  His growing, pulsing cock was supposed to come to my hips, but I was scared and panicked and didn’t know what to do.


He then switched the TV and DVD player with the remote and selected an adult movie.  He asked me to look carefully for the first time and how I could quickly become a beautiful bitch that I wanted to convey and how to make a man happy.


We both got excited, and I lay back in front of his chest, and the landlord started kissing my cheek.  I mischievously asked him how much he would ignore the payment for taking my virgin cherries.  He smiled all depending on how much he enjoyed me.  I put my hand behind my back and grabbed his cock, and kissed him nicely.


I extended my hips to make it easier for him.  He said that now the enemy’s defenses diminished entirely shed, and now it was time to hoist his victory flag.  I shivered in anticipation and turned my head perfectly, and offered my lips to him.  He put his arm around my neck and turned my head further back, and started kissing me hard on my lips.


On the other hand, he unbuttoned all my buttons and started caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples.  His cock grew tremendously, and its tip began to protrude from the top of his underside, and I could feel the hot bulb of his cock.


He got me up and took off all his clothes, and we were both completely naked.  The sight of his cum made me very excited.  It had a glans that was wide at the beginning and had sharp points at the tip.  


He brought a bottle of oil and told me to turn around and move forward against the table.  As I did so, he poured the oil into his hand and applied it generously over my butt hole, and gently pushed his oily finger into my puck. He told me to relax. He gently pushed his finger into my hip hole, and I consciously relaxed my ass muscles.


This time he was able to get his finger out and oil my ass just as well.  After playing for a while, he put his two fingers together in my butt hole.


Now I could relax my hip muscles and force two fingers on his side without much difficulty.  He fingered my ass and aroused me so that my ass was comfortable and a little bigger.  


After a while, he pushed his wrinkles into my curls and pressed his cock between my hips and cheeks, and bent forward, and kept his hairy chest behind me.


With or without rent, I wanted to feel his cock inside my ass soon.  I was scared for the first time, and he had a very long cock.   What will happen then is that something will tear inside, and blood will flow.


I whispered my fear to him, and he told me not to worry that he would be gentle so that he would enjoy me for a long time and not hurt me.  He said that the internal anus is flexible and can stretch enough.  In my true sense, the man gets the most pleasure when his inner part is opened and tested.  He started kissing my cheeks and started sucking my lips in my mouth, and gently biting them.


It made me even more excited, and in the excitement, I drew my left against his crotch. 


He wrapped me in his arms and carried me to his bed, and laid me on my stomach.  He then placed a large pillow under my abdomen, which lifted my ass into the air.  I could see myself and my raised buttocks clearly in the side mirror.  The landlord then followed me with his 8-inch long monster and got up between my legs and forced my legs to widen further, and told me to open the cheeks of my hips with my hands.  I did as he told me, and he poured some more oil on my pudding.


In that position, he could easily see my ass waiting for his attack.  With his dark giant cock he slapped my fine ass a few times and told me to relax all the muscles in my back and legs and my hip muscles.  He told me it would be a bit of a pain for the first time, but soon, the pain would be replaced by joy.  I knew it from the books I read, and my booms and butthole muscles relaxed to make it easier for him.


He put his hands around my waist and held me firmly.  The weight of his upper half was pushing my chest and head against the mattress.  However, he supports the weight of his hips and lowers back, with his knees above which he had stretched my legs.  He kissed my lips before the final attack.  And then, with a sudden jerk, he pushed his hips forward.


When the head of his arrow was trying to pierce my virgin ass, I screamed in excruciating pain, and I tied my hands to the bed.  My ass hurt, and I begged him to remove his cock.  He kissed me and told me to relax; he would not push anymore.  He was solid and pressed my waist very firmly.  I was silently waiting for the pain to subside.  


After a while, the pain became tolerable, but I knew more was to come, and I begged my landlord to let me go, and he could fuck me tomorrow.  He laughed and said the first time is always painful, and we should finish today’s work so he can enjoy me for two more days before the other boys come back from vacation.


Then he started kissing me roughly and then tried to suck my whole cheek.  Then he grabbed my lips with his teeth, and I didn’t notice him tightening around my waist.  Suddenly he bit my lip, and as my mind took the pain away from my lips, he gave a firmness with his hips and forced his cock to open my ass. I started to cry in pain.


He was giving me pleasure with the sound of love, but his cock was firmly embedded in my ass.  He kissed me sexually on my cheeks and in my eyes and shed tears.  He said that the most challenging part of his penis bulb was gone because it crossed my ass muscle, and the pain would also decrease quickly if I relaxed my ass and thigh.  I told him that some hot liquid was coming out of my ass; I hope you didn’t tear my ass.


He kissed me gently and reminded me that the asshole bleeds a little from the first time, but it lubricates the bleeding ass and cock and makes it easier for the cock to get in and out.  We slept there for about 10 minutes.


I was crying, and he was hugging me and kissing me, and the pain started to subside, and he mentioned a few things that he was going to try on me later.


I told him I had to leave now.  I can’t think of the future now.  After about 10 minutes, the pain had subsided considerably, and for his next step, I could see him adjusting his hips slightly in the mirror.  


I knew that even if I did not tell him, he would not wait long, so I told him that your flag must be firmly attached to my mouse. Now, if you see my cry, I am all yours, humble, slow down.  I offered to kiss me on the lips. He said, ok, I would fuck your pussy with my cock and your mouth with my tongue.


While I was enjoying the attention of his face, he spread his hand on my side and wrapped my arm around my chest, and held my breasts in his hands.  In the mirror, I could see the hollow of his cock was visible from his cell, and it partially went into the hole of my love between the cheeks of my hips.


This time the jerk did not need to break the brakes as the forward thrust of his hips was slow and controlled.  As a result, the pain was tolerable.  For the first time, a pleasurable sensation of his cock opened my pussy and went more profound, and I lamented with joy.  My landlord’s tongue stopped fucking my mouth and said, “look, how it’s becoming enjoyable.” I whispered a sexy yes to him, and he jokingly bit my cheek in praise.


I told him not to bite so much; otherwise, when the boys come back after Holi, everyone will know.  He laughed and said I got what I wanted. 


I put my hand on my hip and got some of my fresh blood on my finger, and showed my red finger to the landlord. I said, “Now I am all yours, and you can always fuck me and anytime and in any way you want.” The landlord was very excited to see this, and he started fucking me with regular strokes.


With each stroke, my homeowner’s cock grows deeper and deeper, and my insides open up.  The sensation in my pussy was unimaginable, and I started to respond.  His balls were now slapping against my bomb with every stroke.


I was begging louder and louder.  After about 15 minutes of fucking, his strokes became shorter, and he pushed deeper into my love hole, ready to plant his seeds in my pussy. I came back to the middle of my legs and started caressing his balls, mixing them to make more seeds.


It took him to the top of the climax, and when he was surprised, I could feel his hot seed fountain exploding inside me, and the feeling of being aroused spread all over my body.  His cock jerked a few deep inside me and then filled me and went silent.


After the landlord made me his bitch, I got tired, and I enjoyed the weight and warmth of his body on my back.  His arm was around my chest, and one of my breasts was wrapped around the palm of his hand.  The feeling was heavenly.


Transforming a bitch was a great feeling, and for that, he doesn’t need my permission, and he can fuck me whenever he wants.