I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind 


I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind 


Hello, my name is Arunabha and I am 19 years old. I am a college student seeking a B.Tech degree. I am a tall, slender, attractive with a 6-inch cock.

Koyel, the gorgeous lady she is the main character. She is also a 19-year-old college student. She’s a sultry adolescent with huge boobs and a beautiful ass. She is light-skinned and has gorgeous skin. She has a killer figure of 38d-29-38 and stands at a towering 5’6.

A buddy of mine gave me her photo around four months ago, and when I sent her a request, she declined, demonstrating her conservative character. As a result, I requested that my friend introduce me to her. She told her all she needed to know about me before agreeing to my request. I first spoke with her openly, and on the seventh day of our conversation, I requested her phone number, which she readily provided me. Then we started chatting on Whatsapp. I began to trust her, and after a month, I asked her out. She rejected it, claiming it was too soon.

So I waited two months before announcing my intention to go out. I flirted with her, cracking non-vegetarian and even filthy jokes, and she responded in kind. One day, while talking, she asked why I wasn’t asking her out, so I tormented her a little and eventually asked her out.


So the “d” day arrived, and I picked her up, and she looked terrific in a one-piece outfit that reached just below her knees. Her scent was so alluring that I was taken aback for a second. Then I returned to my senses, and we went to a store where we had some snacks. Then I stopped the car in a shaded location where few people were going by, and it was dark due to the lack of street lighting, and we began conversing.


She: So, how’s your first date with me going?


Me: Hahaha, I’m having a great time with you. Yours!


She (smiles): You parked us in such a lonely spot.

Then we locked gazes for 5 seconds, closing in on one other. The thing is, I softly kissed her juicy lips, and it felt amazing, but because it was our first time, we came to a halt after 15 seconds, gasping for air and both of us breathing heavily, so I shut the windows and turned on the air conditioners. We kissed again, but this time so passionately that I was twirling my hands through her locks, and she was probing the inside of my shirt. We did this for approximately 5-10 minutes before returning to our senses, and I told her to sit in the back seat. So we went back in the car and kissed again, but this time I started kissing her on her cheeks.

Then I moved to her neck and started kissing it with my tongue. She started vibrating and groaning softly in ecstasy, ‘hmmm, I’m feeling so wonderful,’ and I kissed her all over the naked portion since it was so hot and was moving up and down, and she was sweating profusely. Then I asked her to lie down, and I took off her heels and began to explore her toes, which she jumped at as I kissed and sucked them. Next, I moved up her dress and began licking her thighs, which were so soft, fluffy, smooth, and white that I just started eating them, and I could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy.


Then I kissed her on the lips again and gently raised her while locking our lips. She then tore off my shirt and began probing my chest, reaching for my jeans when she noticed the bulge within. But I cautioned her, saying that I was not yet finished. She replied, “I’ve done enough, now it’s your turn,” and I told her, “Baby, you’re getting screwed here” (smiling). I held her tightly with my naked chest and cock protruding into her vagina, and she giggled and laid down again, accepting me in her arms. Then I proceeded to boobs, which is my favorite section.

I began kissing and licking her cleavage, then gently unhooked it from behind, and wow, her boobs are so firm white with pink areolas and long protruding nipples. I was in paradise and grabbed his entire left breast and started sucking it. She gasped for air, and then I started squeezing the other boob, and she was groaning like ‘ahhhhhhhhh jaanu zor se ahhhhh.’ I began circling her nipples with my tongue, squeezing and twisting them, and she began to breathe hard. I paused for a while before slipping her dress up and sliding her panty down. She apologized for not shaving her pussy, claiming she hadn’t anticipated as much. I responded, who cares, then I added, I’m sorry.

She grabbed my head and began to push it inside, moaning loudly, and it was so hot there that she said she was going to cum, and I rested for two minutes because I didn’t want her to cum; then I slid my pants down along with my underwear, and she got up holding a towel.


She elevated her pussy in an eagerness for my cock after I touched my cock on her pussy. Then I entered her pussy, keeping her right leg over my shoulder. After some problems and correct application of force, she shouted, ‘ahh.’

Then I kept moving back and forth as she moaned, and after about 5 minutes, I told her I was going to cum, and she said she wanted it inside since it was safe, so we cummed together.


Then I licked her boobs for another ten minutes before we got up, changed our clothes, and returned to the front seat. I brought her some water, which we drank, and then I left her off at her hostel.