I Love Being Yours 

I Love Being Yours 


I wanted to post this incident that happened last year. My friend and I bought an apartment together so we share adjacent flats on the fourth floor.  


My friend’s wife Garima is a housewife and she came to our house to chat with me and my wife as she is a neighbor. They recently got married in October and she is now three months pregnant.  Last year my wife traveled to my birthplace to attend an event and I came back.  Then came my lucky day.  As usual I was at home early and I was doing some work at home and Garima came to our house.  


She said she was upset and asked me if we could chat.  She came downstairs and took a seat on the sofa I was sitting on.  I told her I was just browsing to get the new camcorder so she could join me too.  She was interested in electronics and while we were talking she said she had a camcorder that her husband bought from the US and it was pretty good.  She said she would get to do a demo of it.  She returned with a camcorder and showed some videos of her and her husband being shot during their honeymoon.  While we were looking at the video of the scene, suddenly the video changed and it was the video of my friend giving a body massage to Garima.  


They recorded it and forgot to remove it.  She stopped it immediately and said nothing.  I told her there was nothing to worry about.  She was offended and I told her that she and my friend had a somewhat good time.  She told me that she accidentally fell pregnant because they did not use any condoms during their honeymoon and as a result she could not enjoy married life well.


I told her why they weren’t having sex during pregnancy.  She told me that my friend was very afraid that it could harm the baby and did not want to do it.  I told her that this is the safest time to have sex if they take proper care.  She, however, says my friend will be back in a month and take a deep breath.  I told her, she didn’t have to wait a month.  She was confused and she asked me how.  I put my hand on hers and told her I could show her some care until her husband came back.  She didn’t remove her hand so I took a little more courage and told her that I always admired her beauty.  I also told her that she has gained some weight due to pregnancy and her breasts are showing great development.  


She blushed as I moved her hand to my thigh and started to move my hand to her thigh as well.  Now she began to feel a little horny and I could see that her breathing was getting deeper.  I started kissing her gently from her forehead.  My hands were exploring her body from below and descending on her great boobs.  She was probably a 36C and I could feel her soft boobs.  I picked her up in the bedroom and laid her on the bed.  She closed her eyes now and began to enjoy.  I lifted her up and removed the strap below her and found her pink panties already wet.  I removed the bottom and then put a few kisses on her thighs.  She was crying out loud now.  


I was excited and wanted to tease more and more. So I removed her top and lay her down with her pink bra and panties.  I licked her toes, starting from her toes, over her thighs and moving forward without paying much attention to her main part.  


She maintained a great figure.  I kissed her and walked over to her huge boobs that stuck to her designer bra. I moved her neck and ears and she was saying Aman just fuck me.  I unhooked her watermelon from the bra.  Her perfectly lined nipples I have seen her perfectly 36C breasts.  They were dark brown and I rubbed my saliva over her breasts with my fingers.  


As soon as I rubbed I could feel her nipples getting bigger and bigger, I put a few kisses on those nipples and started sucking them.  I still avoided her cunt to increase the pressure and she was now hugging me and pulling me towards rubbing her cunt.  I kept sucking her nipples one by one and my hand was pressing her soft pussy.


She whispered to me and now I can’t wait.  I told her you should enjoy it to the fullest until it is made more.  I straightened down and let go of her pink panties and I found her cunt very wet and there was also some discharge as she was pregnant.  


She was now trying to make some contact with her hand in her pussy against my hand.  I touched her clit very lightly with my hand and just went down to separate her pussy lips.  I got her wet and I told her you got pretty wet.  She said I can’t wait anymore. I immediately removed it and said that she is mine and I have complete control over her. I took my cock and put it on her mouth.  


I said just spit on my cock and use your tongue to spread it.  She pulled my foreskin back and spit her saliva on what appeared to be my pink head.  She twisted her tongue to spread it on the head of the penis and it was glistening with all her saliva.  


She was spitting more to cover the whole 5 inches of my cock and made her tongue work to tap the right areas.  I moved my cock and then placed it on top of her clit with a few light gestures. I made a few circular movements on her clit with my cock head.  She started telling me that I want to feel this hot cock in me. I then moved my face towards her pussy and she got the idea of ​​what I wanted to do.  


I started long straight movements on her whole pussy lips before I started again from the whole bottom.  As the movements became steady I reduced the length of travel with my tongue and lowered most of the clit above and slightly below.  I watched her grab the bed and close her eyes with perfect pleasure and her pussy just wanted my tongue to be on top of her clit.  


This time I increased the pressure of the tongue on the clit and rested on it and then moved my whole tongue over the clit.  She was desperate and she grabbed my head and held me in that position.  I was now giving her full attention to her clit to make sure that I was continuing the rhythmic strokes.  She didn’t tell me to stop right now and in the next 2 minutes she was having a strong orgasm that my head got stuck in her thighs and I was literally stuck.  


I did a few smooth touch ups on the clit and she was very sensitive. She pulled me and said now it’s my turn.  I told her right and I lay down on the bed.  She started kneeling in front of me and looking at my cock and she must have told you that you have a good width of 5 inch cock but I love your tongue your wife must enjoy it.  She said I don’t bother like you but at the end of the session you will feel what you mean.  She took my penis in one hand and started rubbing it.   


She maintained steady motion and when she came to the part of the head she was ending up with her tongue tickling the back of the head nerve of my penis.  It was a unique experience for me.  She was lubricating my cock like something and I could see her nose touching the base of my cock and she was literally just licking my lollipop with my glee and rhythm.  


I said at this speed I could stay for more than a minute.  She just held me. I don’t want to ruin this excitement. I was about to ejaculate at the moment she just removed her head and held the cock’s ankle very tightly.  I was literally desperate to grow up but it was a new experience for me.  


She let go of her hold and started kissing me on my face.  We had a deep kiss with a lock on each other’s lips and she didn’t pay any attention to my cock.  She was then hurting all the other parts of my body and in the next 5 minutes my tension had just reached a normal level.  Now she said I can drive this cock now.  She told me to lie down on the bed and go slowly.  I moved to the missionary position and put the head of the penis in her pussy.  


I gently squeezed her two breasts.  Once I fully pressed on it I started pushing slowly but deeply to move my whole penis in it and get the whole penis out to the tip.  She now wrapped her legs around me.  She was enjoying it and I was on a lifelong vacation with this pregnant beauty.  


With each push I was moving towards a point of return and as I increased my speed I hugged her tightly.  She was helping me by wrapping her legs around me.  We only stayed in that position for 2 to 5 minutes as she was pregnant and then I moved towards the bed.  She looked at me and said I love you and kissed me on my chest. After that she had to leave so she left at 2pm with an amazing experience.