I Love To Enjoy The Pain 

I Love To Enjoy The Pain 


This is what it was like for me to fuck a prostitute. Now, back to the story, I’ve always wanted to fuck a high-profile prostitute in a hostile and forceful manner. Still, I was afraid it would be risky, so I decided to do it and looked for call girls online, where I eventually found a girl named Kajal who charges 40,000 for a night. After a long negotiation, I finally booked her for the night and asked her to come to a hotel, which she did. 


She was in her late twenties, tall, with a fair skin tone and a great structure of 36-30-38, wearing a tight shirt and a tight pair of trousers that made her full large ass look attractive.


I couldn’t wait and locked the door and hugged her tightly and planted a deep kiss on her lips and licked her lips and took her tongue out and sucked it, and shaved it with my teeth. She began to suck my tongue hard as well, and I bit her nose and pushed her towards the bed and tied her both hands and legs into the bed and removed my shirt and said that I didn’t leave; instead, I grabbed her head with my hands and kissed her passionately. 


She was elevating her body like a rocket, and I sat and kissed her hard before removing her shirt, which revealed a tight white bra she was wearing.


She was shaking her big watermelon like a jelly cube, and I couldn’t wait to remove her bra and see her big boobs wobbling, which made me even hornier. I pulled her bra, and I took both in my hands and crushed them, and she was resisting by shaking me off her body, but I didn’t leave, so I took one of her boobs in my mouth and started biting her nipples, and she was screaming and abusing me with the wrong word. I sucked and licked her all over her armpit after seeing her very clean armpit.


Then I took off my pants and underwear and inserting my entire penis into her mouth, and jumping on her, and she bit my penis. Still, it was more pleasure than pain, so she kept doing it, and she also slowed her resistance level, and she was sucking so passionately. She was very good at it, and it was the fucking best blowjob I’d ever had, and I lubricated my penis and jazzed all over her boobs and rubbed her giant boobs. 


She entirely stopped resisting, and I hit her in the face with my penis, removing her pant and discovering she was wearing black transparent panties, which I licked and wiped my nose all over before removing her panties as well.


I saw a very clean pussy and a very wealthy ass, and I couldn’t wait and started to lick and chew. She moaned, and I turned her over and saw her nice ass, and it made my penis even harder, and I began to lick and thew and slap and play drums in her ass, and I wanted more of that ass and rubbed my penis in her ass. 


She raised and laid on me where her big boobs were pressing my chest very hard, and she was kissing me very hard, and she was rubbing her boobs very tightly in my chest, and she slowly came down to my tummy and kissed me all over my stomach.


She jumped on me and kissed me hard. I tied her in the bed like a dog and took my penis, covered it with a condom, and placed it into her vagina, and pumped it hard, and she was crying so hard that I didn’t stop and continued pumping my complete penis into her wet pussy. 


Then I always wanted to fuck some on a balcony where we could have a view of the city, and it seemed like a perfect time since it was about 2 a.m.


I lifted her to the balcony, made her look out the window, hugged her from behind, inserted my dick into her ass, pumped it hard while standing, pressed her boobs simultaneously, and kept pumping it. Fucking her in an open balcony made me even hornier, and I fucked her hard. 


Then I took her to the bathroom, where I sat in the bathtub, and she sat on my penis, and we fucked for almost 15 minutes, and we had sex three more times that night, and we didn’t sleep that night, and we had small sex in the morning, and I paid her, and she left. She was well worth the money I spent on her.