I Love When You Hurt Me 

I Love When You Hurt Me 


Hello, my name is Taniya, and I am a first-year BCom student. From the time I was in elementary school, I was blessed with significant assets. I won’t reveal my current size, but it was 36c boobs, a 28-inch waist, and a 34-inch waist while in school. I’m a fair and average-looking young lady. This happened to me when I was 18 years old and had just finished my SSC board exams.

It was vacation time, and I wanted to get away from the daily grind for a while.

I appreciated their company (my father’s friends) and was quite pleased with them. Hugging, kissing on the cheeks, and sitting on their laps were all-natural to me. When my vacation began, I offered an outing, and they decided on Mahabaleshwar. My parents are both business owners and were unable to join us. So they told us to go ahead, and they’d meet us in 4-5 days. Varun’s uncle built their farmhouse.

I was pleased with all that had been prepared, and we began our drive early in the morning to avoid traffic and the summer heat. I was dressed in a half-pant and a t-shirt, complete with bra panty. I sat in the back seat, and we made it to our destination by 11 a.m. When we arrived, we all freshened up and took a bath. I was standing on the balcony when Aditya uncle approached from behind and began speaking with me, his hand on my waist. He was only wearing his shorts and had no shirt on. I felt another hand on my ass after a while, and it was Varun uncle. They both seemed different to me because of how they looked at me and how they touched me. But I let it go because it was nothing new to me.

‘Hey Taniya, you are looking good, and you know what, you are also sexy,’ Aditya added, his hands sliding to the bottom area of my boobs. Oh, thank you so much, I said. I was a little shy at first, but I enjoyed how straight they were with me. Meanwhile, Varun had his hands on my thighs and was lifting my skirt slightly. All of this was taking place on an open balcony where we were observing the market.

I put my palm on his chest and remarked, “It’s good.” He saying, ‘Oh really, thanks, sweetheart.’ Their acts made me a little hot. When the door to our room was knocked, Varun left me and went. I was disappointed because I had been looking forward to it. The three of us then ate lunch and rested in the afternoon. We three headed to the market in the evening.

On top of that, I only wore my jacket. We went shopping and only ate out for dinner. 

Aditya requested that I take off my jacket because it was too hot, which I did. Aditya’s hand was on my waist, and three of his fingers were raised above my boobs to cover half of them. Varun had raised my skirt and was cupping my ass over my panty with his hands. That was a nice touch. ‘Hey, sweetheart,’ ‘yeah, Aditya,’ ‘How’s your figure?’ I was taken aback by such a blunt query, so I inquired as to why.” Well, we were thinking about getting you some unique clothes.”

Oh my goodness, uncle. ‘Yes, sexy”. Hearing it made me feel a little shy, so I kept quiet. ‘Come on.’ He said this while fiddling with my pantyhose elastic. ‘How tall do you think you are?’ It’s 36-28-34,’ I said. That’s what I mean when I say sexy. Varun gave me a quick slap on the backside and pushed me forward. Then Aditya drew me back and grabbed me up.

Both of them carried me in. To refresh me, I went to my room. I took a bath and dressed in my nightgown. It has tiny shoulder straps that expose my bra straps, buttons in the front, and a length that reaches my thighs. It wasn’t a deep cut, but it provided me a lot of cleavage with my push-up bras. Both males were in their underwear and had gotten fresh. They were both watching TV in my room. ‘What are you doing in my room?’ ‘Nothing dear, just passing the time until we fall asleep,’ says Aditya.

Aditya was teasing me about my pantyhose elastic. ‘Stop it, Aditya,’ I said jokingly. He yanked the elastic further tighter and walked away, causing it to smack me in the face. ‘Ahhh, Aditya, Please don’t do it.’ He smiled. Varun pulled my bra straps up, and my boobs were pressed into my cups, which hurt. My phone suddenly rang, and it was my mother on the other end. How are you doing, Taniya? ‘I’m a good mom, and I’m having a great time. 

‘Hey, what’s up?’ ‘Nothing, mom, just some mosquitos,’ I used my actions to try to dissuade the boys. They, on the other hand, were not paying attention and were giggling. Varun took my bra straps from my shoulders while Aditya reached between my legs and down my panty. ‘Ouchhhhh noo,’what’s going on with you, dear?’ They couldn’t stop giggling, and Mom overheard it on the phone. ‘Oh, Aditya and Varun, don’t get too worked up, just have fun.’ Okay, I’m going to bed now. We’ll endeavor to be there in the following three to four days. ‘Good night.’


My inners were gone by the time I kept the phone. ‘Can’t you guys just stop for a second?’ ‘Hey, that’s only for fun, sweetie, enjoy it as your mother suggested.’ I could see the enormous tent in between their leashes when both of the guys got up.

Varun was on my ass, and Aditya’s cock was caressing my exposed pussy. They both closed their eyes and rubbed their cocks harder in the same posture as if they were sleeping. After some time between their unity and their movement ceased, I groaned gently and sensed something hot and sticky. Both of them were profoundly sleeping at the time. I couldn’t stop thinking about how bizarre it felt to be touched by their cocks.


The next day, I got up and went to the bathroom. Aditya requested me to wear the beautiful dress he got when I came out. When I checked, it was a single-piece top with only a chain from top to bottom, and the dress length was a little above mid-thigh. He also advised me that I didn’t need to use inners because the fabric is so soft. When I wore the dress, it was so thin that my nipples were visible, and it stuck to my body, revealing my entire physique.


I looked like a total fuckable babe. With lust-filled eyes, Aditya and Varun looked at me. They both walked up to me and hugged me from behind, rubbing their cocks. They left me because it made me hot. They said that we should change first and then go on a trip. They left the doors open when they entered their room so that I could see them. To my amazement, they stripped down to their underwear and faced me, half-erecting their dicks. But they didn’t even bother to glance at me.

I was enthralled by the amount of attention I was receiving. I was becoming hotter by the minute. My pussy juices had made their way up to my thighs. Aditya invited me to sit in front of them after our final stop. I enthusiastically agreed. When I got to the show, he sat me on his lap and drove the car with Varun. While his hands moved in my inner thighs, he began commenting about the scenery. While going, Varun asked whether I was hot, and when I said no, he moved my zip down to my pussy area.

I was enthralled by the amount of attention I was receiving. I was becoming hotter by the minute. My pussy juices had made their way up to my thighs. Aditya invited me to sit in front of them after our final stop. I enthusiastically agreed. When I got to the show, he sat me on his lap and drove the car with Varun. While his hands moved in my inner thighs, he began commenting about the scenery. 

We were all completely naked. Varun then gently squeezed both of my boobs together. I was having so much fun that I couldn’t contain myself and let out a scream. Aditya then brought me to the bathroom and thoroughly bathed me. Varun had already made his bed and was watching a porn film. It was 7 p.m., and Aditya had me naked in his bedroom. 

Aditya forced me to touch his cock, gradually bringing it closer to my mouth. I became aware of his behavior and began to lick it. He slammed his full cock into my mouth with a single stroke. Varun began shoving his dick (which had swollen to a length of 10 inches) into my pussy. It felt like it was ripping me apart on the inside. He swung his arm so violently that it went entirely inside. Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt excruciating pain in my pussy, but I couldn’t scream since my mouth was full of cock.


Varun held his cock in the same place for a few moments before slowly moving within. The agony had evaporated after a few minutes of this, and I had begun to love it. I was muttering and sucking the cock ferociously as well.

And he resumed his downward strokes at the same speed as before. I told him to stop, but he didn’t, and he continued to penetrate me for another 45 minutes. Aditya had already fingered my anus by the time I was in the air. My second hole had occupied three of Aditya’s fingers until the fucking was finished. Varun threw me on the bed, and I laid there for a while.


We only ordered meals for our rooms. At 9 p.m., we had dinner. They were both charged again, and Aditya forced me to go on my knees and pushed his cock in my anus this time. He began assfucking me. With his thrusts and force, my head went down and up. Varun slid down, and Aditya pushed him down, allowing the other cock to enter. I begged them to stop, but they refused and continued to fuck me like their whore. They went on like way for another 45 minutes. Our phone rang at midnight on night 12. It was my mother who had called. While Varun was fingering me, Aditya held the phone for me.