I Never Want To Stop Making Memories With Her

I Never Want To Stop Making Memories With Her


This is Abhinav writing about my sexual encounter with my ex-married GF Salini. I am related to Delhi, and she broke up towards the end of college and never had contact with each other till 20 years.  September 2015 (when our batch was reunited).


Due to some of my pending work, I arrived late to reunite there. I went to the bar to have a drink. Some of my friends introduced me to Rajesh (Salini’s husband). I greeted him. 


OMG, Salini was in a transparent black saree (her figure must be 34-32-36 and height 5’5), and her milky white body was shining in front of me. I went into the world of my dreams. Every part of the body (remember she was equally warm in bed) she said “hi” to me lightly hugged me I gathered my senses I called her “hi” and hugged her then the part of the grip started.


Her husband was busy drinking, and I talked to her until the end. We exchanged numbers, and we said goodbye to each other, then a few days later, our standard message started on WhatsApp. She was also working in Delhi near my office. 


So once while chatting, we planned to have lunch together in recovery, I chose a comfortable one with a sofa seat (its purpose was to accomplish my goal),


Chose a corner table she came a little later, and she looked in a yellow suit she looks beautiful, and we greeted each other went to the table. 


I used to brew alcohol, so I offered her. She agreed and had a cocktail with her food.  She leaned towards me. She put her hand on my thigh from time to time so that I could quietly put my hand around her waist. She looked at me. She smiled with a stare and then started and said, “I know what you want. I said, “Who told you?”


She was silent. I put a small kiss on her cheek. She said, “Okay, let me be late for work.” The next day she called me and said, “I had a great time yesterday.


I said, “we can get it again but be careful now.”


She said, “No, my husband won’t go out for a week now.” I said “OK” (I knew the day was coming). So the next few days became very restless for me. 


It was finally the last day I told her to take a leave of absence from the office, let’s go somewhere.  She was reluctant to beg but later agreed. 


The next day- In the morning we go to ‘Goa.’ We reached our hotel in the evening. There we verified as husband and wife that she gave me a naughty smile, and I looked back at her.


We checked in our room, and she asked me, “oh, husband and wife, ahhhhh” I said, yes, darling. She said, naughty boy. I said, wait a while, you will know how naughty I am. 


She smiled at the exhaustion of the trip, and we drowned in bed for a few hours (I also wanted her to sleep so I could play with her all night). 


I woke her up at 8 with a punch on her cheek. She came back to me, and we hugged each other for a while, and I felt her two tits squeezing in between. I wanted to open her shirt but control and told her to get ready. Let’s go out for food and drink.


We were going to a place to enjoy life as a married couple. We returned to our hotel drunk before we finished our dinner. 


She was wearing a long skirt and a top and jacket. I put on the music channel, and we started dancing together, and I kissed her on the lips. We were getting wild to kiss each other. I took off her jacket, and she pushed me on the bed and said, “no naughty boy let me change first.” 


She went to the bathroom for a change, and I was eagerly waiting for her. She opened the bathroom door and asked me to turn on the lights in the rooms.


She came in front of me wearing sexy black transparent lingerie, and her milky white thighs were nibbling my dick. 


She said that when I was wearing underwear, I wondered how I liked to have sex with her that I was surprised.


I said, today is not going to be a different day, baby I still love it. She smiled and came over to the bed sitting on me, and we started kissing, my tongue inside her mouth, and we were kissing each other deeply. 


She took off my t-shirt and started biting my shoulder and neck “oh man,” she was so hungry for sex. She is paying attention to my nipples, and her hand went inside my trousers, and she was carrying my dick.  I was in heaven, and she removed my pants. 


My penis started to stroke up and down, and I was looking at her. She was biting my dick and then sucking my ball and constantly sucking my dick.  This continued for some time with shaking. I then pulled her and kissed her again.


Then I whispered in her ear, and she was wailing, “Ohh Abhinav, I’m enjoying so much my pussy is getting so wet.”


I pushed her on the bed and came on top of her. I kissed her on the lips again, and my dick was now rubbing directly on top of her panties; and gently, I removed the strap of her bra not entirely from the shoulder to make her shoulder naked, and I kissed her shoulder.  Then holding her hands and licking her clean-shaven armpits and she was doing “ahhhh.”


I then licked her cleavage and squeezed her two nipples and then gently bit with my lips and slowly pulled her underwear further down to reveal her beautiful big nipples.


I was looking at them. She kept looking at me, pressed on my head. I started licking her nipples with my tongue and pushing the other with my hand.


I immediately tried to take one of them entirely into my mouth. She pressed my head harder and harder.


I sucked her two breasts for quite a good time and went under her navel and licked her navel and pressed her pussy with one hand, and my other hand was on her mouth, and she was licking my fingers.


Then I went downstairs, and I removed the panties with a bit of kiss. I kissed her lightly on it and then kissed her thighs and licked her thighs and legs, and I stood on my knees and lifted her legs to raise. I gently started licking her toes and caressing her pussy with one hand. She was moaning like hell.  She pressed the edges of the pillow as if something was flowing from her cunt.


I went downstairs and started licking her cunt. She was holding my head tightly. I was licking her nectar from her cunt. Slowly I put a finger into her cunt, and she was in heaven and crying like hell. Then I put two fingers, and she started saying – “fuck me, please.” 


I came on top of her and kissed her on the lips again. I brought a diff sex toy; I used that. I pushed that toy in her pussy, and she started crying. I played with it for almost 15 min. 


Then I gently pushed my dick into her pussy, and she kissed me hard and slowly, I started stroking her pussy, and I was sucking her tits.


This time her husband rang on her mobile. She ignored that, but I told her to pick it up so we wouldn’t make noise. She picked up her husband’s call and was talking to him, and I was tearing her pussy. Then my fantasy came true, and  I started to pick up the horn. I began to pick up speed. She told her husband that she was too tired to say goodbye to him.


I grabbed her hand and started stroking her fast. Then I let go of her hand. She grabbed my ass and started pushing harder. The whole room was filled with the sound of fucking chap type, and she was wailing.


Then I grabbed her by the edge of the bed and started stroking her.  Lie on top of each other for a while.


Then we talked to each other, and she started playing with my dick and said I want one more round. I told her, “you got an infinite number of games this week.”  The monster rose again.


I told her to come to 69 positions; she was forced to suck her cunt and suck my penis; I started; I was fingering her cunt.


Then I slapped her ass for a while, and she was moaning. Then I pulled out my finger, and she said I would fill this hole with your dick.


I saw her whole body in front of me. I kissed her again. She laid me down on the bed, and I was carrying her body with my hands. She looks like an angel.


She came downstairs and kissed me again. She gave me one of her tits. I took it in my mouth and pressed it hard.


I was sucking her tits very hard. I grabbed her ass and started stroking her pussy tightly. Now she was not moving, but I was rubbing her from below. We increased our speed. She lied to me and kissed me, and said I had wanted this for a long time. 


We have tried many times this week to enjoy every position every moment. Then finally it was Saturday when we came back to our place. After this vacation, we continued our chat; now, we are planning for another holiday.