I Wanna Lick It Baby

I Wanna Lick It Baby


I am 27, a software engineer with a well-built body. This is my story of how to lose my virginity with Anukriti. She is a super sexy girl I met on a dating site. She was 25, fair skin, a beautiful face, 34 size boobs, perfect watch size.  We had a lot of sex chats and video chats.  Finally, we ended the meeting one day and slept like hell in her bed all night.

The following day, I woke up to the sound of water under the tap. 

I was naked.  It took me a second to figure out where I was.  I searched my phone and saw the time.  Then 9 a.m.


I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, where the sound of water came.  The door was slightly open.  I knocked.


  Me: Anukriti


  Anukriti: Hey Arun.  Yeah, that’s me.  Come on in.


My dick was small by then.  I opened the door and walked inside. It was a decorated bathroom just like her house.  A large mirror, a neat floor, and finally a bathtub.  She was in the bathtub; my sexy girl was naked.  Fill the tub with hot water, and the water is still running from the bottom of the tap.


Her hair was in a bun and was filled with water until it parted.  She put her hand out, gesturing to me to join her in the bath.


  She: Come on. 

Come with me.  (Blink of an eye)

There was a situation where a hot girl in the bathtub called you to join her.  And those eyes!  On top of that, a tempting eyelid.  O, God. This is such a turn.  My little cock started his reaction before he could speak my mouth.  It began to get hard.  But I had to pee.


  Me: I would like to, but I need to urinate quickly.  (Embarrassed)


  She: (laughs) Yeah, go ahead.


She kept the tub covered with a screen.  And I took a pee.  It was an awkward feeling when you pissed next to a sexy naked girl.  I took some time to pee my semi-hard cock.  I cleaned myself up, and my dick was ready to feel her now.


  She: Done?


  Me: Yes, baby.  Now I am all yours.


It had a few steps in the bathtub for a walk.  I came over them and put my feet in the water. 

She stepped forward so I could go under her.  Now she was sitting right in front of my cock and leaning on her on my back.  I put my hands around her waist and hugged her. 

I was running my fingers over her bare navel.


Behind her was my little hard dick touch.  The water was just as hot as hers. I was filling the room with some steam.  I started kissing her neck as my fingers rubbed against hers. 

My chest and penis were taking care of her back.


I moved one hand towards her firm breasts and started playing with them.  The other hand goes down to her thigh and then teases her. I was tickling her.  Her clit after that. Gently rubbing her clit.

She let out a soft cry with a big sigh in her throat. 

She puts her hands on my body and enjoys rubbing.  I started sucking her ears, and then she turned her head to feel my lips.  I like sucking those pink lips.  I immediately got the lower lip between my lips and started sucking it softly but firmly.

I increased my pressure on her and the speed of my circles on her clit.  I know she’s on, and she’s in control of me now.  I start to love her with my tongue now.  I took it in her mouth and licked it as if it was looking for something.

I put my fingers like Spiderman and started kicking her pussy with my middle and ring fingers.  I rubbed her clit with my thumb.  I grabbed her pussy between my fingers and started giving her fingers faster and faster.  Going deeper. 

Exploring its most profound mysteries.  

She was going to grow up.  I grabbed her tightly and released my fingers faster and faster. 

I’m not leaving her lips.  We continued to kiss.  I wouldn’t let her open her mouth.  I locked them to my lips and let my fingers enjoy there.  She was crying in my face and breathing on my face.

She turns around so that her flat stomach is now rubbing my dick.  She stroked my body up and down to get my dick to full length.  She looks me in the eye and says, now give me your dick. I’m hungry.

My penis was all wet and hot with water.  Drops of water are falling from the bottom to the top of the rooster.  She got down on her knees in the tub and started looking at my cock like a hungry wild cat.

She held my balls in her hands, and she put my cock in her mouth as much as she could. Then when she sucked, she pulled them out.  I grabbed her head with my hand and let her suck my dick.  She was twirling her tongue.  

I was in heaven.  She was very good at sucking cock.  Now I wanted to eat her pussy.  I wanted to fuck her so badly.  I signaled to her that I was ready for her vagina.  Immediately she gave me some space to get into the water. 

I was slicing her like a hot knife on butter.  Tight pussy felt terrific around my rock-hard dick. 

We enjoyed the feeling for a second.

I was holding her waist so that I could not lose balance.  We start to increase our speed and start fucking harder.  I moved my hips up and down to add to her speed.  The slippery bathtub added more excitement.

My dick was rubbing the top wall of her pussy with some pressure due to the inclination behind her.  We inadvertently removed the knob for a stream of water.  We stood up when the water was dehydrated.

She was mourning so uncontrollably.  I was breathing heavily on her back, biting her shoulders and neck.  With all the action, her hair is no longer in a bun.  It was wet and sexy on her naked back.  I grabbed her hair and pulled it. I keep fucking her like a wild dog. 

After about 15 minutes, we were about to leave our burdens.  She took a deep breath and let go of all her burdens.  Her body trembled with joy.  I hold her tightly in my rigid arm and continue to fuck her.


I let her release the juice of her whole love. I was tired of ejaculation and trying to catch my breath.  We were sweating from all the fucking and steam in the room. 

Later, I opened the shower tip and let some cool water flow over our hot bodies.  We cleaned each other with soap and kissed a lot in between.

Then we dried each other with towels.  We went out of the bathroom, and the bedroom was full of steam.  We laughed and kissed.  Still naked. 

That’s how we start our day with sexual love in the bathtub.