I Wanna See Her Pain 


I Wanna See Her Pain 

Hey. All of this occurred a year ago. Everyone wants to fuck my bua because she is a charming and attractive lady. Aarti is her name, and she is 37 years old. Her measurements are 34-26-36. It all started with a post on Facebook. When we used to speak every day, she didn’t react as quickly as usual, so I assumed she was unhappy and asked her. 

She first refused to tell me anything, but as time passed and I continued to question her, she finally admitted that her spouse is not a decent man. As I asked her what happened, she initially hesitated, but when I persisted, she informed me that her husband and his mother did not treat her well.

He only wants sex from me, and it doesn’t matter how I’m feeling. To this, I said, “It’s OK, but everything will be OK.” She phoned me one day, and we had a regular conversation until she asked me a question.


She- do you have a girlfriend? Me – But why are you asking?

She – Nothing.

Me – OK.

She – What kind of female do you like?

Like you – I said. 

Me – It’s my good fortune to have a gf like you. 

She – But are you genuinely fond of me now that I’m a bit older?

Me: “No, but,” I say, “you don’t look your age.”

She – OK, so I’m your gf from now on (laughing)

But- are you serious? She- yes, and I love you

Yes, how can I lose my wonderful girlfriend?

OK, I love you too, Bua (laughing)

She immediately hangs up the phone as her mother-in-law called her to the kitchen to prepare something. 

We used to chat on the phone every day. After some time had passed, I asked her if she could kiss me because I was now her boyfriend. She wondered whether I was serious about that day, to which I answered, “Yeah, but I am serious.” Then she replied, “OK, I’ll kiss you.

After two days, I called her and invited her to see me at my house. There was no one at home today. She arrived at 11 a.m. I opened the door and offered her apple juice, then I poured one glass of juice and served her, then she asked where is yours, and I replied, “I am your boyfriend,” and we drank from one glass, then she laughed loudly, and we finished the juice, and I asked her hesitantly if I could hug her, and she said yes, and we hugged.

Then she asked me seriously why you want to kiss my lips, to which I replied that you are my gf, after which she paused and said, “I am married, I can’t cheat my husband,” to which I replied, “You are not happy with him, and your sex life is ruined because he did not ask for your permission, and he just fucked you when he wants.” She said, “You want that?” Then she began to cry, and then I said “It’s all right, I’ll be with you.” Then I took her face in my hands and gazed into her eyes, asking, “Can I have sex with you, my love?” ..

After 2 minutes, she said yes. Then I kissed her again, and she responded this time. Then I kissed her neck furiously and stripped her of her clothing, as well as my own. Then I kissed her boobs and frantically sucked her nipple, kissed her belly, kissed her pussy, put her legs on my shoulder, and licked her pussy like a dog, and she forced my head down roughly and groaning aaahhh ummm baby, don’t stop, please.

Then I gently bite her pussy and request that she suck my dick. Then she gets down on her knees and grabs my dick, sucking it frantically and jerking it about in her mouth.

Then I pulled her to bed and fucked her pussy like a horny bull, opening her legs and pounding her pussy. She clutches me firmly for ten minutes. I was ready to climax when I asked her where I should cum, and she responded in my pussy since she wanted a baby girl from me, so I cummed in her pussy. 

After lying on her for half an hour, I asked her if I could fuck her ass, she replied no, and I wondered why; she said my husband tried once, but it was too painful, so I didn’t do it, then I said I’d do nicely, she said alright. I started kissing her ass and biting on her butts, then I put some oil on my dick and slowly inserted it into her butts.

Then I held her firmly, gripping her boobs (doggy style), and gave her a firm stroke. My half dick was in and groaning in pain. Then I started moving, but it was so tight that I couldn’t move fast, so I gradually increased my pace as the hole stretched, and I fucked her ass in less than 15 minutes. Then she replied, “If you’re going to cum again, do it in my pussy,” so I placed my dick in the same position in her pussy and cummed inside her pussy once again.

Then she left for her house after an hour, and I fucked her whenever I had the chance. This went on for two months, and during that time, she also fucked her spouse since she was about to get pregnant, and she didn’t want her hubby to have any doubts about whether the baby was his or not. After two months, she received a pregnancy report, and one day, we both went to the doctor to find out whose kid it was, and I was fortunate that it was mine.