I Want To Do It Again 

I Want To Do It Again 


This story tells how in the 11th standard, I lost my [Sneha] virginity to my friend. This incident was in 2005 when I went to junior high school in Mumbai in my first year. It took place on 26 July 2005. In Mumbai town, it was a nightmare where more than 24 hours, the rains locked the city.


I’ve been from a little Gujarat village. I have stayed together with a couple of my classmates in Navi Mumbai. Our college had just begun in the early week of July. Many people around I didn’t know. I joined a small group of 5-6 friends who visited Navi Mumbai before. There was a boy named Abhik, however, who stayed himself in Borivali.

Our university announced that you could all leave on a rainy day, as the weather department notes a high tide. It was 5 pm at that time. There was already heavy rain, and roads turned towards the river. Only I and Abhik attended that day from my group. Till the bus stop, Abhik went with me. But for almost 2 hours there were no buses. Then we went to the station. It was 8 pm at this time. Abhik asked me to come to his house since nothing was available. I was thinking and agreeing that it’s not that good to wait on roads for some time.


I’ve been wearing a chiffon top. I was completely wet, and the top of my cloth was transparent because of the rain.

With his friends, he stayed there. But nobody had come back that day. I felt uncomfortable. I got into his house, however. He gave me his towel and asked me to get dry. But I was drenched in wet clothes. The towel was not enough. I can wear his shorts and t-shirt, he said. I also started to feel cold, so I took his shorts and t-shirt and went to the bathroom. My panty and bra were also totally soaked.


So, I also removed and wore a t-shirt and three-quarters of shorts. The T-shirt was very loose, and my nipples were easy to see because of the light colors. Abhik had arranged for some snacks as dinner was not available. I sat on the sofa and released my hand from the shorts to have food.

We began talking about our childhood, and we didn’t realize it was 10 in the night. Then I said I’m going to purify the plates. As soon as I got up, I came down the shorts, and I was just in a t-shirt.


So, I just stood there; I’ve been in shock. I suddenly realized the blunder, ran to the kitchen to ask for the shorts from Abhik. It isn’t fair, he said. Without pants, I’ve seen you. He took off his underwear and shorts. His dick, I could see. I was ashamed and went to the kitchen running.

He followed me and said, “Look, in this room, you don’t have to be frightened. Now we are grownups, and if we like, we can stay that way.” I haven’t reacted, and I faced the wall. He also removed his t-shirt and came out of my ass, lifting my t-shirt. It was hot. I might feel his dick’s touch. In this situation, I have never been before, so I could not react. On my ass, he kept his dick, hugging me from behind. “I love you, Kamini, he said. He said From the very first day I’ve seen you, and I love you.” He said a few romantic declarations.

He turned me around at last and kissed me on my lips, and with his hands, pressed my boobs. Now, I’ve been on the seventh cloud. I’ve been excited, too. His cock touched my pussy now. But I couldn’t even speak a word. I was excited. He ripped his t-shirt, lifted me, and brought me to his bedroom. I’ve been shocked entirely. He had me lying on his bed and then began to kiss my eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, ears, and neck, and then my boobs. He was lying down on his head. He just sucked my boobs, and I was mourning. He sucked them for five to ten minutes.

Then he descended, kissed my navel, and began to touch my wet pussy. He put a finger in and began to massage my clit. I’ve been growing up and up. Afterward, he kissed my pussy and began to put on his tongue. It was an enormous joy. I’ve been both excited and confounded. He spits on my pussy, keeping them on my pussy with his dick. I said no, it’s going to have a lot of pain. You will have to worry about 5-10 minutes, so you feel like in the sky. He said, don’t worry. I was a bit resistant. He went on, however. He began to put his cock in my pussy slowly. It pained a lot with his first stroke, so he waited a while and then gave a mighty jerk. It hurt so much this time, and he went in.

He kissed me since I was about to cry. Then he began slowly striking me and began to give me more decisive moves. I had started to enjoy it, and therefore I stopped yelling. He stopped kissing and started to stroke faster. I began to feel the heat, and my first orgasm was there. He realized it and started to stroke more quickly. For 15-20 minutes, he fucked me. I also hugged him.


I got up in the morning after 3-4 hours, about 6. I realized then that I lost my virginity. I got up and began to scold Abhik from the bed. “Relax, you can take a pill, and all things will be all right,” he said. I argued somewhat but then stayed calm and sat by the window. We’ve been naked yet.

Abhik wore his clothes sometime later and took some food and pills away. Then he said we can have one more round since I take medicine? I refused and began going to the bathroom immediately. He got hold of me from behind and touched my pussy. Again, I was excited and couldn’t stand up. This time we fucked for an hour. Then I’ve had food, and I have taken the pill. I was wearing my clothes and went home.