I Wasn’t Expecting Her

I Wasn’t Expecting Her


Hi, I am Ratul from Bangalore; the story I will explain happened in my engineering days. I studied in Hyderabad till my graduation, and now I live in Bangalore. Let me explain myself; I look tall, fair complexion. 


I was very horny in my college days, so I decided to fuck a girl, but I don’t have a girlfriend, so I decided to ask my friend who has contact with most of them specially foreigner escorts. We chased for the hot girl, after searching for three days we chose a foreign escort named Jenifer.  She is a sexy girl with a perfect figure (34-28-32).  We somehow managed a place, and the day came true.  She came to our place and settled down for some time. Meanwhile, my friend first rushed to the bedroom to give her a chance to fuck.


I was anxiously waiting for my turn and not controlling it, so I started peeking through the gap between the door and the floor.  My friend was teasing her in different positions, and I could hear her voice saying, “Aaahhh ahhh Ummm mmmhhh.”  After a while, my turn started, I went in and saw my friend and Jenifer were tired, so I remained silent for a while in front of her.  She wore a T-shirt and wrapped a towel around her waist; slowly, I woke her up with my touches.


At first, I started playing with her boobs; wow, what a milk tanker she got. First, I licked her left nipple gently to lay her on the bed and pressed right. We kissed each other for 15 minutes; then I started sucking her tits for another 15 minutes.


She was in rhythm and started kissing me. Now I bought honey with me and poured it on her sexy pussy “oh god,” what a sweet taste it sucks with her tits and fills my lips with love.  Suddenly she came downstairs and pulled my boxers and was stunned to see my 8.6-inch virgin cock, and gave me a blowjob.  I held her head and pumped her fast, which prepared my cock to go deep into her mouth.


After a while, I was about to grow up, and she realized it and took it out.  Now it’s my turn to lick her ass; I put my hand on her pussy where I can feel the clean pussy with hot juice waiting to get sucked; I pushed one of my two fingers into the hole of her beautiful pussy.  I was stunned by the warmth of her cunt. She was feeling horny and waiting for me, gently thrusting with two fingers, for which she said, “Aaahh.” I was pumping like anything, and after a while, she insisted on teasing me and tasting it, it didn’t go so well, but I got used to it after that.


We couldn’t wait long, so she covered my cock with a condom and laid me on the bed, and I sorted my driller in her pussy missionary position.  I was in heaven, I sucked her nipples, and then I was licking her armpits; wow, what a great smell, and licking and sucking made both of us horny, and she yelled: “hard, baby ahhhh.” 


After a while, we did doggy-style sex, to my cumshot this hole even deeper became her hair held and slowly the fuck was that the world came out of the wailing of the “Oh, baby drill me aaahahahaha.” I left her hair, and I grabbed the dancing watermelon and crushed them with my hands. After that, I grabbed her ass and increased the speed, which sounds like “chap chap chap.” 


We took a gap, and my cock felt alive again. This time she wrapped her legs around my hips, and I grabbed her and took her to a wall, and rested her against the wall for support.


My penis has never been so big;  It was 8 inches strong and thick. She bit my ear very hard.  I gently massaged her pussy with my fingers while sucking her tits.  Her nipples were being raised, and I pinched them with my fingers. I gently pushed my dick into her pussy.  I gently removed my dick from her tight pussy and slowly moved it inside again.  She closed her eyes half open and pulled me with her legs.  I slowly started fucking her again, and she began to enjoy it.  


I was going to cum, and she insisted I pushed it deep inside and didn’t want to move the dick.  I fucked her for the next 1 hour.  She was delighted and kissed me all over my body.  We both washed together in the bathroom.  When she came out again, I fucked her on my bed.  Around 3:30 in the morning.  We both looked at each other and kissed passionately.  We put on our clothes and went to sleep. It was such a great experience for me.