I Will Never Stop Trying

I Will Never Stop Trying


Hi, I am Raunak from Kolkata. The story begins here. One day I visited a friend of mine at one of the branch offices, and a beautiful girl was sitting there and talking to him.  I went there and chatted with my friend but saw her.  Her name is Sukanya.  She could be a perfect fuckable girl in 34 sizes.  I knew she was interested in my look too.  


As soon as my friend went to the restroom, I surprised her by asking for her mobile number.  Unacceptable right, but it’s true. 


Then I came from there and called her and talked to her. She studied in BCA 2nd year and exchanged details with our staff.  Then I asked her to come to meet me, but she refused.  I told her to go again, 10 minutes yes and no she refused to come.  


I picked her up on my bike and went to my favorite beach. The weather was excellent; the cute girl was by my side. Suddenly I took her mobile; she was trying to get it back from me, while I touched her hips and hands, she let go.


I took pictures from her camera and asked her to pose.  We both joined our hands and took pictures; then, in the following image, I asked her to give me a kissing gesture, she neglected it.  I explained to some of them and said that after watching, we would delete it, and I kissed her on the cheek and took the picture.  Then the game begins with a photo of the two kissings.  


I boldly placed my hand on her shoulder, and after 5 minutes, I gently put my hand on her boobs.  She continued to resist my hand but did not get angry or move away from there.  


Then I touched her nipple and pinched her nipple.  She is now mine, and what else can we do on the beach except just kissing and group.  Till 8, we were on the beach to kiss and touch her breasts and nipples.  I dropped her off at her house and came back to my house.


The next day I planned to fuck her, so I called her to come with me. The next day at noon, I picked her up and went to my friends’ house, already informed.  


She continued to ask me why but continued with me.  We went to his house and locked the door.  She sat on the bed, and I sat next to her and kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and lips for 10 minutes. Wow, what it felt like to kiss a 19-year-old virgin.


I asked her to play the bottle game spin, and the rules meant that they had to remove the cloth.  She has accepted.  She spins the bottle; it shoots me.  I removed my shirt; then I turned the bullet to shoot it.  She pulled the scarf.


Then I spun the bottle to put it on her; she refused to remove her top, but I said the rule is a rule, so you should remove it.  Then she took it off and sat down with the white bra. It’s super boobs over the wow brand.


I spin it again and show it to me. I was embarrassed to open my jeans.  I’ll be naked before it’s over. Now it’s her turn; I was praying to God that it wouldn’t touch me; the mercy of the gods had turned on her, she would have to remove her skirt.  She just sat in a bra and panties.


It’s my turn to spin. As soon as I rotate very slowly, it will shoot her, and I won. She has to remove her bra now; hesitantly, she will release her bra. It’s great to see her nipples; it’s a traditional Tamil girl’s black nipples.  


I helped her to remove her bra and panties and touched her vagina a little bit. I forcibly removed her panties now she is naked. She says the game is over.  But I said nothing and laid her on the bed.


I gently kissed her and looked at her, and sequined her tits, which were very soft.  I did the foreplay of sucking and kissing for 15 minutes.  Then I went to her vagina and started sucking her virgin pussy, which tastes excellent. She kept crying with my name, and my legs tightened between my head.


Then I opened her legs and put a condom on 8-inches penis, and put it in her pussy.  It was tough.  After a long flight, I managed to keep her in the same position for 15 minutes. She was screaming like anything, and tears were flowing towards her face. Seeing this, I got more strength and stroked her harder and harder. After that, I removed my condom and lied to her.


Seeing her beauty in 10 minutes, I got hard again and fucked her in 69positionsn; I think this fuck for 40 minutes.


After that, I fucked her two more times in 3 hours and came back to the house after dressing.  It was such a fantastic experience for us.