It Was A Dirty Night

It Was A Dirty Night

Hello readers, my name is Palak. This is the first experience that I would like to share with you all. This is an actual incident that happened a few years ago.  Before I start my story, let me tell you that I am a lovely girl with, fair complexion, with a very sexy body, 36 26 38.


My husband(Pratik) is a very busy man who often stays away on business trips.  Being new to town, I usually stay home alone and don’t have many friends.  One day my husband’s friend Nikhil called me and asked me if I wanted to come with him for dinner, so I agreed and set a date.  It was 21st June 2018, I got ready to go out for dinner.  I was wearing a short red dress with high heels, and it looked very hot!  He came to pick me up, and we went to dinner.


After a great dinner, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drive, which I denied and said I just wanted to go home.  At first, he insisted and then agreed to take me back home.  It was the rainy season, and suddenly it started to rain. We were driving on an isolated road, and suddenly he stopped his car in a tranquil place where no one was watching.  At first, I thought his car had broken down, but I realized it was a memorable night to remember what would happen to me.  He came over to me and fastened my car seat flat to where I was lying, and my seat belt was attached.


At first, I was very shocked and confused about what happened, but I saw that he took off his jacket and came to me and started kissing me.  I resisted; he continued to kiss me with encouragement.  I was trying to move him away, but he was tall and strong enough for me to move him.  I got stuck and knew I was going to be fucked by this guy.  If I resist, he will force me, and if I go with the flow, I will enjoy it.


So I decided to take the flow.  I let him kiss me and stopped resisting; he was surprised and stopped kissing me and looked me in the face.  He had a very naughty smile because he knew it would be the night he remembered. He unzipped my dress and unzipped my bra.  Then grabbed my 36 size juicy boobs and started squeezing them, then he started sucking my very erect nipples. 


As Nikhil did this with one hand, he began to slide his other hand inside my panty and started playing with my wet pussy.  I had no such experience before, and I was happily lamenting that I was settled for sex because I was not in my husband’s house.


Rubbing my pussy, he whispered in my ear that I was a very horny bitch enjoying cum by her husband’s friend; his words were like music in my ears, and they were turning me further.  He took off my red panty, and started kissing me again. Nikhil’s lips were locked with mine, one of his hands was playing with my boobs, the other was swimming in the sea of ​​precociousness inside my gut, and his whole body was on top of me.  It was going to be a long lustful night for us to remember.


I suggested we go home and continue this session in the showroom.  He agreed and got off me, and we started driving while I was still nacked.  I tried to put on my clothes, but he stopped me and said he wanted to see my beautiful naked body while driving.  It was about 3:10 in the morning, and the roads were empty.


We soon reached home, and he took me home without waking the guard.  My boobs were moving up and down, and my nipples were erect; raindrops were touching my vagina and moving away as there was nothing compared to the moisture in my vagina. He took me to his bedroom and let me down.  He went to the bathroom and turned on the jacuzzi.


And then he took me to the bathtub and sat me down while he took off his pants and shirt.  I was surprised to see his sexy six-packs and wanted to catch him instantly.


Then he took off his underwear, and then the roaring monster came out.  That monster had been hungry for my gut for a long time.  His 7-inch cock was too tempting to resist me, and I jumped out of the tub and grabbed it.  I kept sucking his cock for 10-20 minutes without even holding my breath.  I thought I was hungry for his cock.  He was pinching and squeezing my nipples while I was sucking him.


Then he let me swallow his cock deep in my throat. He came to the tub, and we sat with my back facing his chest.


He grabbed my tits with one hand and inserted the fingers of his hand into my anus with the other hand.  At the same time, he started kissing my neck and ears; ohhh, I was in seventh heaven.  It was the best feeling of all time.  I just came to his palm, and he smelled it and then started licking it.


Now was the time for the actual ceremony.  He picked me up from the tub, took me into the room, and threw me towards the end.  He said now I could see his wild side.  I was excited!  He jumped on the bed and started licking me.  Then he started biting my nipples. 


And then sucking my wet pussy again.  I was desperate for him to enter my cunt, but he teased me.  He wanted me to beg him to cum.  Then he turned me around and grabbed my ass; with the other, he started spreading my asshole to make it big enough!  


He took his 7-inch monster and brought the wings to my ass, and this time, his other hand joined the first one to close my mouth to keep me from screaming in pain.  I was in a lot of pain but could do nothing.  He fought at first but managed to get his cock into my ass.  Then he started to fuck me, hitting his dick inside and out of my ass.  I was in excruciating pain, but at the same time, it was a lot of fun.


Once his cock became comfortable inside my asshole, the pain became a joy.  Now his hands moved towards my nipples, and he started squeezing my nipples very hard.  A tear was dripping from my eyes, but it was the ultimate lust and pleasure that he fucked me until he came into my cunt.


Then he let me down and licked my pussy until I came.  Once the two of us climaxed, he lay on top of me, and we fell asleep.  We woke up an hour later with his dick stiff as a rock!  He played with my two lovely breasts again and grabbed me tightly, forcing me to sit on his cock and drive him.  I was riding him with my heavy boobs bouncing up and down.


Then he stopped me and sat down while I was sitting on his dick.  He started sucking my boobs and then laid me on the bed and went over me.  He started fucking me hard, really hard. I started crying and screaming.  My cunt was full of his cum. This time we both got exhausted and fell asleep naked on top of each other until the following day. Then it was around 7 o’clock when I had to leave. Before leaving his home, we fucked again and promised to meet again.