It Was A Dream 

It Was A Dream 


Hi everyone, I am Ankita from Pune.  I came here to explain my first experience of having sex with my boyfriend.  I am a qualified CA working in a firm.  I am now 26 years old, and after coming into my body, I am a 5’4 ″ tall blonde girl measuring 36-30-38.


Coming to my boyfriend, his name is Arunabha. He has an average body, 5’10 “tall, living far away from his parents in Pune. I’ll start the real story now.


In 2012, I finished my CA and joined a firm as an employee.  There I saw the moon for the first time.  We became friends very quickly.  We exchanged our mobile numbers, and we chatted at night.  We used to hang out everywhere on vacation, which is why so many of our coworkers started to think we were in a relationship.  One day, we talked about the same thing.


Me: Hey Arunabha, everyone thinks we have a relationship


Arunabha: Yes, I have been thinking of telling you the same thing for a long time. Today I have the opportunity to express my love to you.


Me: Are you serious?


Arunabha: Are you interested in me?


Me: I’m confused; I need some time; I’ll tell you tomorrow


Arunabha: I will wait for your reply


After arriving at my house, I thought about it for a long time and texted him, “yes.” It made him happy, and we slept that night.  After that day, we were so close everywhere, late at night chatting and holiday meetings.


One day, on vacation, we plan to go to a movie.  He booked a corner seat for us, and it was a great hit movie.  Everyone is busy watching the movie. He holds my hand tightly and kisses my hand.  Since it was a new experience, I became nervous.  Then he put his head on my shoulder and started watching the movie.  My heartbeat rose to the top because of it, and then he gently kissed the part of my neck that made my breathing heavier.  Arunabha may have felt my nervousness, and he asked me if I was comfortable.  I replied, “If we stop it, it will be better. We can try where there is no one.”


Because of what I said, he was a little disappointed, but he agreed.  We went to our house that day.  Instantly, I went to the bathroom to shower; because of that incident, my panties have a wet patch.  Then, as I came out of my bath, I saw many messages.  He is sorry for what happened in the theater.


Arunabha: I’m sorry for what happened in the theater


Ankita: No, no, don’t say sorry for that.  My problem is not with the incident, and it is because of the place.


Arunabha: So, if we were alone, would you allow me to do that?


Ankita: You have the right. You don’t have to ask.


Arunabha: Wow, excellent.  Then, do a job, come straight to my house tomorrow morning with office vacation.


Ankita: All right, I will come


That night passed so late, full of thoughts. The next day, by 9 a.m., I arrived at his house.  He is already waiting for me.  I went to his house, and he immediately hugged me at the door.  Then he closed the door and invited me inside.


We both went to his bedroom, then gently kissed my cheeks, forehead, eyes, ears, and then he gently started kissing my lips.  This is an entirely new experience for me. For the first time in my life, I am kissing someone.  He is so eager to kiss, and he is holding my hips with his hands and kissing me deeply on my lips.  He sucks my lips and tongue.  Then he stopped kissing and looked into my eyes, and I became timid.


He then took off my t-shirt.  I was now in my black bra and jeans, and he removed my bra too.  Since I do yoga regularly, my tits are hard in shape. I’m half-naked now. He also removed my jeans.  Then, he started kissing my neck, which drove me crazy.  He gently put a kiss on my boobs and took my nipple in his mouth.  He is making circles on my nipples with his tongue.  This feeling is great, and I just held his head tight. With one hand, he is pressing my other boobs.  I was really in another world.  Then he gently came down to kiss every inch of my body.  


He came up to the navel, then he went to my toes and started kissing me from bottom to top.  He then reached the place of my pussy, and my panties were already wet.  I was enjoying his performance.  Then he removed my panties, and I haven’t shaved my pussy in a long time.  He then spread my legs and kissed my pussy lips.


Then he slowly started licking all my juices.  Because of him, I couldn’t control myself and held his head firmly against my head.  He increased his speed of sucking, which gave me an orgasm for the first time in my life.  All the juice went straight into his mouth, and he ate it so happily.


Then he got up and immediately removed his clothes. His cock is 7, but my hole for him is too small. He is also a virgin. I’m working hard on half of his cock, and he’s enjoying the performance.


He then told me to stop and asked me if I was ready for the final law.  I hesitated and said yes. I just told him to be humble.  Then he went and got some oil, he applied it to my pussy hole, he first put a finger in my spot and with two fingers he also used oil to the inner pussy wall.


Then he took a condom and kept raising himself.  I closed my eyes. He put his cock near my cunt and started rubbing my cunt.  Then, he gently tried to insert his big cock into my love hole.  On the first try, it didn’t go inside, and then he tried one more time.  This time, it went up an inch.  This is a massive deal for my hole.  I cried in pain, but he told me to cooperate.


Then he tried to push once more. This time it went up to 3-4 inches inside my hole.  But, I was in complete pain and getting blood from my spot. I have now lost my virginity.


Then, he took his cock out and cleaned the blood of my love hole, and pressed it once more with some more oil.  This time it went completely into the pit of my love.  Tears welled up in my eyes,


Then he just put it inside and started to soften my lips and started kissing me for a while, while her cock was in my love hole.  After 10 minutes, I became somewhat comfortable, and then he slowly began to move his cock in and out.


At first, I felt a little different. However, as he moved, I started to enjoy his fucking.  He has increased his speed now. He has started to fuck me fast, which is making me so crazy. I’ve been crying for the last 10 minutes, but now I’m enjoying it too.  Within 10 minutes, I reached another orgasm.  I grabbed him tightly with my legs. However, he increased his speed in a short time. He also got to his peak and slowed down. After that we rested for a while and it was 7pm in the evening when i came to my home with an amazing experience.