It Was A Fantasy Night

It Was A Fantasy Night


Hello everyone, this is Arjun, 30 years old.  The fantasy is about a 33-year-old unmarried woman named Samita. She was a bit harsh, and her quiet nature didn’t talk much outside of work.  She was sincere and honest about her work.


She was 36-30-32, and her height was 5 feet 8 inches.  She had a fair complexion and black shoulder-length hair.  She wore a formal office suite with a half-knee-length skirt and always looked eye-catching.


Our conversation started when I got an appointment for an upcoming project.  I completed it in 12 days and presented it to her.  She was amazed at the accuracy of my presentation and praised me.


One ordinary day was lunchtime.  I got a table where I was sitting alone because there weren’t too many people in the canteen.  This is the moment where she appeared and ordered her food.  She was looking at where She was sitting.  She then turned to me.  She smiled at me and came over to me.


Samita: Hi, can I get a seat?


Me: Sorry, ma’am, I should have one to ask permission to sit with you!  So if you don’t have a problem I can sit with you otherwise I will change the place.


Samita: Wow, it’s OK to have a seat.  However, its canteen does not need to be so formal.


Me: Thank you. Ma’am


It was a normal conversation.  We got a little closer as we always sat together in the canteen, joking and talking.  When we left the office, we would shake hands with each other and say goodbye for the day. One day Samita did not come to the office, and it continued for three more days.  I started to get anxious and texted her.  Samita replied, “I don’t feel well with viral fever.” I asked if she could handle things because she lived alone in her flat. “I’m fine,” she said. 


Three days later, when I got no response, I texted her again.  She told me to come home.  I went to her house after office hours and rang the bell.  She opened the door with a smile and welcomed me.  She gave me some water and started talking.


She was wearing night pajamas and a tight white T-shirt.  Her tits looked so huge that instant pulses were rising in my veins.


Samita: I thought of you?


Me: Ah, no..  I just asked because I couldn’t see you around.  Yes, I was worried!


Samita: (laughs) All right.  I am resting for a few more days now.


I was leaving when she asked me to look at her laptop for some problem.  I agreed, and she called me to her room.  I entered her room, and the computer was in bed.  But her underwear was lying on the side of the bed, which she forgot to take, I guess!  She quickly transferred it to her cupboard and gave a shy smile.


I checked her laptop.  I advised her that this laptop would require a new installation of windows.  She agreed and told me to do it whenever possible.  It was the weekend, so I asked if I could come tomorrow and fix it in the morning.


The next day at 11am in the morning, I came to ask.  We greeted each other, and I wondered if I could start my fixing work.  She replied with certainty, “Let me know if you need anything.” I was backing up her PC.  I found out that she has accumulated lots of porn videos and images.


I was surprised and overwhelmed to see her collection.  Meanwhile, she joined me and asked how the work was going?  I said it would take time.  She was looking to copy the names of the files that were related to titles related to porn.  She was embarrassed.  I comforted her that it was OK.  She smiled in relief.


Samita: Will it be lost when you recover my laptop?


Me: No, I’m backing up so you don’t have to worry.


Samita: Thank you, 


Then we were chatting, laughing, she grabbed my shoulder.  We were very close in such a way that we were friends except during office hours.  I never thought it would take time to fly. I fixed her laptop and saved the data.  It took about 4-5 hours.  I was taking leave when she invited me to join her for lunch.


We ate lunch.  After lunch, when she asked about my life, we were suddenly sitting and talking.


Samita: So, how is your life going?


Me: Well, not too much tension. 


Samita: How’s your girlfriend?


Me: Oh!  I am single. What about you, why aren’t you married yet?


Samita: Oh, I had a boyfriend during my internship when I was 27 years old.  It was running smoothly.  We love each other. We even had sex every day.  But it only lasts six months!  He stepped forward.  Then it took me a while to get the job out and get busy.  Parents look for a match, but I want to deny marriage now I know.


Me: Wow, so you had both sweet and sour lives.  All right.  I can feel the pain of separation.


Samita: What will happen to you?  Have sex before?


Me: No!


Samita: How have you survived so far !?


Me: Porn was helping me!  Hahaha! By the way, you look so beautiful. 


Samita: Really? 


Me: Yes, someone wants to have a relationship with you?


Samita: But I don’t want a relationship.  I want it to be open, you know, no promise is just fun.


Me: OK, depending on what kind of fun you and your partner want?


Samita: Like this, I want fuckbuddy!  


Me: Oh, wow! 


We both giggled.  The time is up.  She hugged me and her big boobs were just crushed on my chest when she held me tight.  It makes me stiff and trembles. She said with a mischievous smile, “I hope I didn’t encourage you!”


I was shocked and said with wide eyes, “No, I’m fine.” She looked at me with that naughty smile and said, “Take care, see you soon.”


Later that night, at 9 o’clock, she texted me.


Samita: Hi, did you have dinner?


Me: Yes, thanks, and you?


Samita: Yeah, done, so what are you planning for tomorrow as Sunday?


Me: Nothing!  You?


Samita: Same. You can come to my house. We will watch some movies.


Me: If it’s porn, I’ll come!


Samita: Are you serious?


Me: Sorry, just kidding.


Samita: No, not at all. I would love to see porn with you!


Me: Really, are you sure?


Samita: All right. Let’s break the ice.  Can you be my friend? 


Me: Damn, are you horny?


Samita: Like hell!


Me: You know, you better talk dirty.  You made me feel good.  I like dirty talk.


Samita: Oh, you have no idea what I’m good at.


Me: Oh, OK, you’re encouraging me.  It looks like I want to find out what you’re good at and gain experience.


Samita: Well, you have to be here for that!


Me: Really!  Can I come  Now?


Samita: Can you?  Come quickly, I can’t wait, and hey, bring condoms too.


Me: Of course, honey.


It was around ten, and I was scared if any store was open.  Luckily a supermarket was open, so I rushed in and bought two packs.  I thought it was just an inside (first-time purchase) then found out there are 10 in a group!  Lol, was it a jackpot?  Who knows?


I took the bike straight to her house, and the bell rang.  She opened the door and looked around.  She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me up.


She was so close to me that her lips and her scent persuaded me.  I grabbed her waist and pulled her close.  I looked into her eyes. She started caressing my head, and I was pressing her waist and holding her tightly.


She asked, “Do you want anything?” I replied, “Right now I want you.”


She was wearing pajamas at night. We went to her room, and she pushed me into her bed.


Samita: Do you want to fuck me?  


Me: I would love to fuck you in every possible way.


She pulled my pants down.  She started rubbing my dick gently upwards, and she pulled my foreskin again.  It was painful, but she was able to manage slowly, and I thank her.  She started licking with her tongue, and slowly, she started giving me a blowjob like a pro.


She was so good at it. I can’t tell you how I felt!  She spat on my dick and started slapping my dick like a lollipop. It continued for about 10 minutes, after which I lost control.


Me: Babu, I think I’m going to grow up.


She didn’t mind what I was saying. She was busy sucking my dick.  I was afraid to put it in her mouth.  But she increased the speed, and I cummed in her mouth.  I closed my eyes.  I could not see her reaction.


I removed my hand below her waist as I started sucking her juicy lips.  I gently rubbed her navel with both her back and abdomen.  She was moaning, and I moved towards her huge breasts.  I found out she was not wearing a bra. Perfect round watermelon with light brown breasts.


I slowly started sucking her nipples and gradually making the atmosphere more intense and romantic.  She grabbed my dick and spread it slowly with the rhythm.  It was a hell of a feeling.  I completely removed her top and laid her on the bed.


I jumped on her and started sucking her navel and her belly by gossiping about her breasts.


Samita: Give it a pinch, slap my tits.


I pinched and sucked at the same time.  Then I slowly started undressing her legs – what a curve she has.  I can’t imagine a more perfect woman than her.  Cleaning shaved pussy with wet cum has already made an invitation to explore.


I started kissing her toes. I sucked every inch of her legs and kissed her with love bites.  She was making a word, which encouraged me even more to give her a taste of love.  By the time I reached her anus, she had already leaked a lot to get her bed wet.


I didn’t waste time and slowly started fingering her pussy.  She went wild and started pushing my face towards her pussy. “Lick it, hard honey.” She became immutable and carried all her juices directly into my mouth. I lay next to her after sucking and cleaning her pussy.


She started massaging my dick which was making me hard again.  We kissed each other for about 15 minutes.  She was sucking my lips, and I was sucking her.  


Then I spanked her juicy ass.  She let out a scream. “I want to eat you,” I said, to which She replied with a kiss, “All yours.”

I turned her upside down on the bed facing her hips.


I spread her legs a bit and opened her hips to see the hole of her love.  Her pussy juice had her ass moist and shiny looking under the light.  I went between her legs and started licking her pussy.  I was exploring all of her insides and licking every inch while I put my finger inside her hole.


She was crying.  I then spat on her ass and started massaging my dick on her hips.  She suddenly turned around and said, fuck my tits.


She sat on the floor and put my dick in her pussy.  In the meantime, She bows her head, taking my dick in her mouth.  I increased my speed.  I clung to her face, and she started wiping her face and licking it with her fingers.


I joined her by smothering her with emotion that I would give her the best pleasure of her life.  We both got tired and went to bed. I then made her stand up and said, “Let me admire your beauty.” She said, “Looks like you did something.” “I made her stand in front of the mirror, and I stood behind her.  I kissed her neck and said, “You can see how beautiful you are. You have the perfect curve where you need to be.  You want to be considered my queen. “


I started rubbing her pussy and pressing her boobs at the same time.  She was so awake that she could not stand up straight, and her legs were shaking.  I whispered in her ear, “Do you want to grab my dick?” She immediately grabbed my dick and started shaking loudly.


Her expression and body movements in front of the mirror were so tempting.


I pulled her closer, and my cock was in a standing position.  She lamented in a deep voice.  A few seconds later, I stood her missionary and started sucking her breasts and kissing her crazy. 


She grabbed my hips and was hitting me passionately.  She started rubbing her pussy on my dick in a circular motion.  It made me feel horny, and I spread her ass wide and squeezed her pussy firmly from behind.  The sound of clapping and her wails filled her room.


She looked so beautiful while fucking me in front of the mirror.  I pull my penis and kneel in front of her.  I started sucking her pussy.


All the juices she spilled were inside my mouth, which I was glad to get.  I sucked every drop of her love juice.


I parted her hips and licked her pussy.  Then gently, I placed two fingers and gave her the finger for 10 minutes.


She felt a little relieved as my two fingers were inside and moved my fingers out.  I started sucking her ass deep and down, rubbing her clitoris brutally.  I licked her for about 15 minutes.  She was sweet; her skin was sweating like strawberry juice.  I laid her on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide.  


I finger her ass and lick her pussy at the same time. She was orgasmed for the fourth time in 24 hours.  We were both tired.  So we rested for a while then I hugged her tightly and then it was around 9am in the morning after having my breakfast i came to my home.