It Was Not A Love Story

It Was Not A Love Story


Hey guys, I’m Pratham from Kalyani.  First, I will describe myself.  Believe it or not, I am 19 years old, athletic, tall, average, and have an attractive face. This story is not a fantasy, a real-life event by which I lost my virginity to my teacher.


Her name is Akira, 35 years old, fair, of average height, and has an attractive body.  This happened while I was preparing for my board exam.  Even though she was beautiful, we boys never looked at her that way.


We respect her because she is pleasant and always ready to help us in our studies.  Now I’ve always been poor at math.  I’ve always come up with weak marks and got a lot of contempt for it from her.  As the board exam was over, I asked her for help.


Classes were over, and we had a study break.  So she asked me to study at her house every evening.  At first, I hesitated, but then I agreed that it was my need.  Then I started going to her house regularly.


She had no children, but I never thought why and no one at school knew too much about her family.  She and her mother-in-law were the only people who stayed at home.


Her husband was a businessman.  He was out of the station most days of the week.  I saw him two or three times, but he rarely spoke.


When she was discussing the problem, she was sitting next to me, so close that I could feel her ass.  My growth started to get steeper, but I had some control.  Then she gave me a problem and went inside. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it.  This was the first time I had sensual feelings for her.  That night I masturbated thinking of her.  I was very horny at the time.  Most of my friends lost their virginity to their girlfriends, and some had sex with more than one.


I was alone, so I was looking to go to bed with someone.  I started imagining having sex with Akira’s teacher.  But I knew she wasn’t a bitch and would never feel that way about a student.  So I was afraid to go one step further.


One day when I was having trouble, she was sitting opposite me and cutting vegetables for lunch.  Suddenly she went downstairs to pick up a piece lying on the floor.  I saw her cleavage, and I was overwhelmed by her huge breasts.  I wondered what size it would be.  Suddenly my dick stood up.  It was making a tent in my pants.


I tried to hide it with books.  Then I went to the toilet to hide the boner.  I started rubbing my cock inside. I started shaking, and finally, I moved to the washbasin.  She started calling for me.  But I could not wash the cock.


I come back and see my pants are wet.  She jokingly asked me what I was doing, if I was taking a bath.  Every day, I masturbate, thinking about her. I am becoming more and more interested in fucking her in real life.  A few more times, I masturbated in her bathroom.  Then one day, all my prayers were answered.


One afternoon when I was having problems, she yelled something out of the bathroom.  I noticed she was taking a bath.  She was yelling at me to turn off the pressure cooker.  I slowly walked over to her in the hope that she would open the door to peek.


When I turned off the cooker and returned from the kitchen, she hurried to the kitchen because she thought I hadn’t heard her.  Oh my God, I was in seventh heaven, she was wrapped in a towel, and about half of her breasts were visible.  I pretended not to see.


She hid and went back to the hall and hurried towards her room.  I started rubbing my cock, which was hard, and slowly went to the side of the door and tried to penetrate through the keyhole.  I saw a glimpse of her naked body. 


As soon as she came to the door, I ran towards the hall and pretended to study.  She jokingly asked me if I had heard her screams from the bathroom.  I said yes.  Then she gave me a naughty smile and came to me to help me with the problems.


I was getting out of control, and my cock was still erect.  To calm me down, I asked where her mother-in-law had gone?  She said she went to her ancestral home to stay permanently.  I stayed with her for a few more days hoping that I would get the chance that I had so many doubts.


It was near sunset, and the current stopped. After I had tea, she went to the bathroom to retake a bath. I can’t hold myself anymore; I start peeking in the bathroom to see her nudity.  But it was dark so that I couldn’t see much.


She got out of the bathroom, she was wet and wrapped in a towel, and her breasts were visible.  I wondered why she didn’t dress inside the toilet and thought she was hinting at me.


Suddenly the current came. I gathered all my courage and went inside.  I saw her beautiful ass and slowly came up behind her and grabbed her from behind. Believe me; she didn’t react at all.


I was overwhelmed and excited that I was going to fuck her.  I gathered my courage and grabbed her ass from behind.  She suddenly pushed me back and asked, “What are you doing?”  I panicked and scolded and said, sorry, sorry.”  But she did not scream or shout.


So I moved on to embrace her and try to unify her.  She was not rejecting me but said, “You are my student.”


Then I kept saying, “Ma’am, okay.”  I touched her tits, and she removed my hand.  I tried again, but this time she didn’t deny it.  I was massaging her tits and took out my cock, and started tapping with one hand.  She goes on to say, “No, it’s not right,” which eventually diminishes.


I said, “just one time.”  “I’m going to kill you.”  Seeing her slowly enjoying herself, I pushed her into bed.


Then she said, “Just blowjob, okay?”  “Then we’ll stop.”  I said, “OK.  OK “.” “If you can stop with it”;) I gave her my cock, and she tipped it.  


She then started to go deep with my cock and felt like she was enjoying it.  So I grabbed her hair by pushing it more deeply.  I was coming, but I didn’t say it, and her face was ejaculating.  She looked annoyed and splashed it.  I lost my appetite for sex, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.


So I asked her to give me a blowjob again.  But she refused.  But I forced her into her mouth.  This time she was going fast, and I thought she was enjoying it.


She pushed me for about 10 minutes.  And I started kissing her very passionately and pressed her boobs very tightly.  She was going crazy.  I explored her body and started kissing every part of it.  My friends all said what would drive all women crazy.  So I acted accordingly.  I squeezed her boobs and kissed her.


Then she started wailing and put my face towards her pussy.  Oh my God, the smell of her fresh pussy. I sucked it first and then started fingering like porn.  At one point, I find out she’s going crazy.  Then she was moaning loudly, and I started sucking her lips heavily.


She was crying and told me to fuck her.  I was waiting for this moment.  I gently pushed my cock inside her. I made it inside, and she began to moan. “Ahhhh.”


Then slowly it went inside and finally I was fucking her.  That’s when I started to enjoy it.  She was screaming very heavily, and I told her to be quiet. Then I asked her if it was safe?  She said it was okay.  She must take the tablet.


Suddenly someone knocked on the door.  I got nervous, pulled my pants, and went to the hall to study. She appeared at the door after the dress.  It looked like the neighbor’s aunt who had come to ask for something.


After she left, I told her I wanted to do it again and try all positions.  She said it was too late and we would try it the following evening.  Then I pressed her tits and kissed her and went home.


When I arrived the next day, she was hesitant.  I grabbed her tits.  But she said it wasn’t right, but I was convincing her like the day before.  After some hesitation, she agreed again, but this time she asked me to fuck her with only a condom.  For which I have decided.


I went home and took the condom which I had been saving for a few days to fuck her.  Then it started, this time I didn’t work at first.  And she was fascinated by it.  She started giving me handjobs, then started sucking the tip of my cock; she was such an expert in giving blowjobs.  She pressed my cock and sucked my balls.


She went at a two-and-a-half speed and started pressing deep throats. “Ahhhhh.”   It the best feeling of all time.  She also appreciated the size of my cock ​​and said it was bigger than her husband.  Which did not give her much pleasure.


Oh my god, she was mourning all the time.  I never thought she would become this bitch.  I came to her face.  This time she liked it.  She was fascinated by me and told me to fuck her again after half an hour.


After a while, we were in a cowboy state.  And her cries drove me crazy “Ahhh fuck me, Pratham harder.” I went deeper into her until I found the G-spot.


After a while, we got exhausted and went to bed naked.  When we woke up, we went for a bath together, and I could fuck her while bathing. Oh, that was the good part.  Then I went home.


My growing juices were out and looking very tired that day.  But I had no regrets.  Because she told me that her husband was tired of having sex with her and she was not getting pregnant, she had lost all interest in what she would do now, which left her dissatisfied and waiting for some pleasure for a long time.


I kept fucking her until my board exam.  After board exams during the holidays, we tried all sorts of positions out. 


I fucked her until I got a new GF.  After a while, she and her husband moved to Bangalore.  Now she is a teacher in a famous school in Bangalore.