Let’s Eat Together 

Let’s Eat Together 


This Sanaya, I am a beautiful young woman about 25 years old. This is the story of how I had sex with my cousin Arman, who was 29 years old and had an average figure and a long tall penis. I can say I had the best experience when I had sex with him.


I lived with my parents in Kolkata and my brother Arman who is my father’s nephew, since his parents lived in Siliguri and he lived in a hostel next to our house in one of the top colleges in Kolkata.  He has been in the hostel for more than a year and has not adjusted to the food in the hostel.  So my father went to him and brought him to our house.  I was thrilled because I love my brother. We have been good friends since childhood, and since I am the only daughter and I have no siblings, I am so glad that the friend was coming home, and I had no intention of doing so.


We were excellent friends. We talked about our college every day, and he helped me prepare for my exams, and soon we became lovers. I felt his chest put on my chest and he held my hand like a lover, and suddenly  I fell in love with my brother which I know is a bad thing but unknowingly things happened.


When he was studying alone, I went to him and bent him and kissed him on the cheek and my brother was shocked. Since then, all his intentions towards me have changed. One day we both slept in the same bed since we had some relatives in the house and had to sit in one bed.  I fell asleep fast, and at about half-past twelve, I felt some clothes rising from my dress up to my waist. These hands were like magic, and I thought of waking up my brother left and right and slapping him, but I would not hold his hand. 


At this point, I got an idea, and I moved a bit and slept under his arm on the right side of my abdomen. He somehow escaped and was afraid to touch me after that.  From that night on, I stole every opportunity to sleep next to him; every day, I pretended to be in a deep sleep.


One day I went shopping and bought two pieces of nightgown and at night lay down beside him. This stupid brother got some courage and started to take off my shirt. I was on top of the cloud.


I wanted him to feel my back, neck but afraid, but his movements were completely uncontrollable. I moved a little and lay down opposite, and this time, my hero became a little brave.  


He got up, and from there, he started kissing my back. He gently turned me upside down. He was not aware at all that I was feeling great inside. I enjoyed it, so I didn’t want to disturb his feelings.  


Every movement now he was kissing me perfectly and slowly started pressing my boobs, and in the process, he was feeling my nipples from under my bra. I slowly woke up and started to help him. I unhooked my bra when he saw me waking up; he was overwhelmed and started to remove my shirt.


I took my boobs perfectly in his hand, and he started pressing harder. I was crying softly,y and he began to gently kiss on my chest, the other hand pressed against my back. He is a magician. I felt like I was in heaven. 


We kissed for about 20 minutes and had the most extended and best kiss. He gently lowered my pants and put his finger directly inside my pussy. I wanted to stop him, but I was already under his control, and he gave me the finger for about 15 minutes and played with his finger inside. I finally cum after 15 minutes, and it was my best masturbation.


He slowly began to suck my tiny vagina. I loved it; I began to enjoy it very slowly. It was amazing. Then he inserted his long penis in my vagina, I was in pain, so I started crying.  We slowly tied up after 20-30 minutes, and he wanted another round, but I was so tired, so I pushed him back and kissed him all over his body, and slept naked.


I woke up in the morning, and everything was normal, and I didn’t know when this fool had cleaned me up thoroughly, and it was the best night with my brother.


I still sleep with my brother whenever possible, and each time, it is a fantastic experience.