Love Or Sex

Love Or Sex


Hello, I am Shivam. I am thin and with a height of 5’6 “and have a 6-inch penis, and I can satisfy any needy girl, woman. This incident happened in my town about eight months ago, and later I went to Siliguri. The girl in this story is my sister’s friend. Her name is Prachi. She is 20 years old. Her figure is 28,34,32. She has got a perfect image, and her main assets are her breasts. And her butt was round and huge. Any boy and person can go crazy looking at it.


It was eight months ago when I was in my hometown during my college break. My sister and I are very open and usually share everything about our friends. Her friend Prachi usually stayed at our house because her house was just near our home and we used to have fun together.  Even her family and our family have been very close to each other since childhood.  


So one day she came to our house, it was Sunday, she was wearing a tight-fitting red top and black jeans, me and my sister sitting on the sofa looking at the Indian idol and at that moment she entered our house and greeted my sister and me also, I was stunt watching her, her butts were tearing out “OHH MY GOD” it was desperately hot and sexy, seeing that my 6-inch penis has grown. I want to fuck her right now.


But at the moment it was not possible for me because she was also my sister’s friend and family friend.  So I decided to fuck her at any cost before going back to my college.  The days passed, and my urge to fuck Prachi was growing.  I was not getting any chance for this.  But one day she came to my house and luckily my sister was not at home. She asked me about my sister, and I told her that she went to the market. After that, she sat next to me, and she started chatting with me about my college and studies.  


After a long chat, we became clear and asked me if I had a GF; I said no.  She forced me to tell more truth; I said I have no GF.  She started asking what kind of girl I like.  I got some courage and told her that I like her.  She was a little shocked and replied to me with a smile.  I smiled back too, and she asked why I wanted her.  I frankly said that you are adorable and friendly and also hot.


She was shocked to hear me, and her face turned red.  I was also terrified and thought she could tell my sister about this, so I apologized and let her know that I like her very much.  And at this moment, my sister also came back to the market and asked Prachi when she arrived.  Then she started chatting with my sisters in a usual way as if nothing had happened.


Whenever she came to our house later that day, she would give me some looks and enjoy her look.  The days went by like this, and my vacation was about to end with only two weeks left, and I thought it would be my dream to fuck her, but I was wrong. 


One day Dad was out of the station for some business, and my mom and sister went to my cousin’s wedding for two days, and mom forced me to go with them, but I decided to stay home, and my mom told me to take care of Prachi.


Prachi came to my house that morning with some breakfast, and I was busy with my laptop checking my FB account and some other things, and she told me to freshen up and have breakfast, got up and took a shower, and came back. We ate breakfast, and she said her parents went to the market to shop and they would arrive in the evening, so she was going to cook meals for the two of us at home. Then she went to the kitchen.


Slowly I went to the kitchen, and she was preparing our lunch, she gave me a naughty smile when she saw me, and I got the signal, and I went straight to her and kissed her on the lips, and at first she resisted, but then she also responded very well, and I kissed her for 15 minutes. After that, I took her to my bedroom and laid her on my bed, and kissed her again like a hungry beast,t and even after kissing her neck and ears, she was very responsive, and I took off her clothes to make her completely naked.


Seeing her naked, I went out of control.  Her round milk and clean pussy, “Oh My God” what a scene it was, and my dick got perfectly erect, and I came on top of her and started sucking her tits like a wild dog and pressing the other breast, and she  was doing “Aaaaaaaaah uh Ummm.”


After that, I came down, kissed her navel, waist, and then thighs, and finally came to her pussy; it was clear and pink in color, and she was also a virgin. I was licking her cunt for 15 minutes, and she was laughing, pushing my head with her legs towards her cunt, and I drank every drop of her juice, and it had a bit of a salty taste.


Then I told her to suck my dick as she saw in a porn movie, she was stunned to hear and smiled at me and started sucking like a professional, and she got very horny and licked my dick like ice cream, and after 15 minutes sucking, I got stuck in her mouth, and she drank everything.


Then I kissed her on the lips, and her legs came in a missionary position and started rubbing my dick in her ass, and she closed her eyes. She started making a loud noise.


Again I kissed her and gave her two or three strong strokes, and my dick went inside her pussy, and she screamed and begged me to take it out and was in pain and relaxed her and kissed her on the lips and forehead, and 15  minutes later she was ready for me and told me to fuck her. I slowly started to look at her, and her pain was slow going on in pleasure, and I wanted to fuck her with full force, and she was taking my name, and I wanted to fuck her completely. I fucked her like hell for almost 30 minutes. 


She told me to cum inside her, and I cum inside her vagina, and she gave me the sweetest smile and told me that she wanted this fuck for the rest of her life.  


And I promised to fuck her all the time.  After that, I fucked her incessantly for two days, and now we enjoy phone sex and wait back home and spend some sweet moments with her, and even recently, I proposed to her.