Play It Loud

Play It Loud

When I wanted to see my parents have sex, this was my typical practice. I could tell when my parents were going to start fucking. I had a lot of joy watching them have sex daily. 


I was thrilled that my parents were reunited. Even after so many years of marriage, they still enjoy their sex life. When the time was right, I carefully opened the door to my room and walked out towards my parents’ room. This time, though, the scenario was completely different than usual.


I noticed my younger brother (1.5 years younger than me) stroking his cock and peering into my parents’ bedroom via the keyhole. I knew precisely what he was doing because I would have done the same thing if he hadn’t been there.


He was stroking the length of his manhood with his right hand, which was 7 inches long. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen his genitalia. I’ve sneaked a couple of glances at him. Even though I’d seen his cock before, each stroke increased my desire for it. I’m not going to lie to you. His cock was amazing. I went up to my brother, shaking my head and clearing all these thoughts from my mind. He noticed my shadow approaching him. He froze when he turned around. He hadn’t expected to be apprehended.


But he regained control and placed his finger on his lips, signaling me not to make a sound. I approached him and took a seat next to him. “What are you doing here?” I said quietly. “Take a look,” he urged. I knew what I was going to see in the back of my mind. My mother was naked on the bed when I came in.

My mom was moaning, so I knew my dad was doing a fantastic job. For me, what I was seeing was nothing new. But it was evident that my brother was witnessing my parents’ intercourse for the first time. I turned to my brother and inquired as to why he was keeping an eye on them.


“Oh, come on,” he said. Aren’t you interested in learning how they do it?” I pretended to be unconcerned, saying that we should respect our parents’ privacy. “You may go sleep if you want, but I’m staying here,” my brother stated, grabbing his cock once more. You are invited to come along with me.” At first, I was hesitant. It would be strange to sit with my brother and watch my parents fuck. But I was so horny at the time.


I was waiting for my parents to start fucking so I could watch them. Now I’m sitting right outside their door, staring at my little brother’s not-so-small stiff cock, which is only a few inches from my grasp. I was at my wit’s end and finally gave in.


We took turns to observe what was going on. My parents had exchanged positions by the time we were debating what to do. Mom was tucked in between his knees, her lovely ass up in the air. As she took the massive cock in her mouth, her hand ran along with my father’s long cock.


My mother adored an excellent deep throat. Dad quickly grabbed her hair and began fucking her. It was getting hot outside while I sat and watched.


I was dressed in a black thong and a loose t-shirt. There’s nothing else. I reached into my thong and discovered my wet pussy lips. I was already drenched from everything I’d witnessed thus far. I turned to face my brother, who was stroking his cock gently. Through the keyhole, he was keeping an eye on things. I was staring at his wide crotch.


It was thick and lengthy, and I was desperate to ride it. While touching myself, I saw his cock. But I had no idea my brother was monitoring my every action out of the corner of his eye. “Didi, do you like what you see?” he inquired. I was mortified right away because I hadn’t expected to be caught.


“If you want, you can take a closer look. He smiled as he said, “I know you like it.” “You have a handsome man.”


I said, “But that cock is still huge enough to gratify any woman.” “Even you?” my brother asked with a smile. His inquiry caught me off guard, but I could see the mischief in his eyes. I could tell he was looking at my body, and I could sense the sexual energy. I didn’t want to squander this opportunity.


I gripped his cock with a hard grasp before he could think. On his face, the pleasure of my delicate hands around his cock was obvious. 


He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, enjoying my hands stroking his cock. To avoid making any noise, he opened his eyes and covered his mouth. He hadn’t expected it, yet he didn’t refuse. He was just as eager to do it as I was. Along his long cock, my mouth and hands moved in unison. I rubbed my clit with my free hand in my thong.


He bent a little forward to grasp the hem of my t-shirt and tugged it up a little, displaying my ass while I was sucking him. My thong is precisely parting my ass cheeks. He started by jiggling my ass cheeks. He wanted to spank it hard, but we didn’t want to create a racket.


I wanted to feel his cock inside me since my pussy was very moist. I removed my t-shirt, exposing my 34D. My brother slid my thong off and took it away. My brother’s cock was made more complicated because I had a nicely trimmed pussy like the ones you see in porn.


“Are you planning to murder me with your looks?” he asked quietly. “You can’t die before giving me that cock,” I answered with a smile. We were in a dangerous situation right outside our parents’ bedroom door. We peered inside to make sure it was okay for us to fuck outside.


He made me stand against the wall with my legs slightly spread. He snatched his cock and stroked it against my pussy lips with his cock head.


He told me to be silent after I let out a small groan. He peered into our parents’ rooms to see whether they had heard us. My mother had already switched places and was enthusiastically riding my father’s large cock. 


He continued to go into my hot cunt until his cock was completely buried. He pressed his body against my back, causing me to collide with the wall. I didn’t have anywhere to go. Being that close to my brother was an incredible experience that I can’t put into words.


His right hand slid down the front to stroke my pussy, while his left hand reached in front to grip my left boob. My clit was stroked by his fingers. While his cock was buried in my pussy, he moved slowly, allowing me to feel the entirety of his length.


“Fuck me now,” I said. Stop wasting your time with games. This is your opportunity to impress me.” He smiled and nodded. He took a step back, and I took a stand against the wall, both hands on the wall. He slid both hands to my waist and began swaying his body. His strokes were slow at first but eventually settled into a pattern.


He quickly accelerated to incredible speeds. My pussy was being ripped apart by my brother, and I loved every minute of it. To keep me from moaning, I put one palm over my lips. My body synchronized with his beat. As I pressed my body into his cock, he understood.


He continued to enter me, increasing the intensity of my climax and leaving me gasping for air. It was tough for me to maintain my balance. So I took a seat on the floor, near to my brother. My brother’s cock remained stiff and as tall as a pole.


He peered into our parents’ room to see what they were up to. I drew his hands back down and came in close to kiss him passionately on the lips. “Never hesitate to grip my tits again,” I muttered in his ear as we broke off from the kiss. All of them are yours.” 


I drew the cock right under my pussy by raising my lower torso. His 7-inch height makes him look like a rock. As I dropped my pussy on his cock, I stared right into my brother’s eyes. As his cock pierced my pussy lips, I could see the joy on his face. His entire cock was soon buried in my suffocating cunt.


I quickly began rubbing my pussy up and down his cock’s length. My boobs swayed freely in time with my beat. My brother pinched my nipple with his left boob. I had the feeling I was on the verge of orgasm. “I’m going to cum,” my brother said quietly. You must withdraw.”


“Don’t worry,” I said. You’ll have a better time with this.” My brother was pushed over the limit as I started leaping on his cock faster and harder, and his come gushed in my pussy. But I kept riding him and arrived a few seconds later. My brother’s cock was still inside me when I sat on top of him.


My body shivered a lot since the orgasm was so intense. I drew my legs together as tightly as I could. I sat there savoring the powerful orgasm, as well as the sensation of my brother’s hot, come in my pussy. My brother’s cock, which was still buried in my cunt, was getting soft.


He yanked it out, and the cum began to pour out slowly. With his boxers, he removed the come. We heard a moan from our parents’ room as he was cleaning up. I noticed my father stroking his cock and spilling sperm on my mother’s tits.


“Will we do this again someday?” my brother said. “You promise to load me up with wit?” – I said. 

“I can do that,” he exclaimed happily. “Then we’ll have to do it all over again,” I remarked as I headed to the restroom to clean up. I returned from the bathroom and went back to my room to sleep. I quickly succumbed to tiredness and fell asleep peacefully.