She Was The Queen Of My Dream

She Was The Queen Of My Dream


Hi to all readers and this is my first story so sorry if something goes wrong or you don’t like.  My name is Parth. I am 21 years old with a height of 5.11 and a good body structure when I was an athlete in my school days and now a Gym Freak. 


About my GF, her name is Kavya.  Her body structure is 34-28-36 thin and fair complexion, and now the story can start. Kavya liked me when I was in school for this one year, but I never paid attention to her, but somehow we committed and started our love journey; it was our regular school day, and I was at school and got a call from her that her parents were going to somewhere and She would be alone.


I tore up my classes and this time as I was driving my car to her house, I got a message from her that she wanted a little drink and some smoke, so I bought it. When I reached her house, she opened the door, ran towards me, hugged me, and started rubbing my dick, which made me horny. And I grabbed her by my arm, and threw her on the bed.


I realized that the door was open so I went and closed the door and came back to the bed and surprised her and all her naked, and it spread my mind, and I grabbed her and started kissing her and started laughing wildly and she began to take off my clothes.


I was biting her nipple, which made her wild for a few seconds, and I was naked and lying on top of her and biting her, and soon my bite became harder with her, and she started to suffer from some tears, and suddenly she pressed my penis.


Soon she got my dick in her mouth. I grabbed her head, and very soon, I began to push her, I got an ejection in her mouth.


Then I made her stand up and started putting my fingers in her pussy. Her pussy was very tight, and she started screaming. She was having a hard time fingering, and then I laid her on the bed and looked at her pink pussy lips.


I started licking her pussy and started fingering her with my two fingers, by which she started screaming in pain and pleasure, and soon I saw tears flowing from her eyes, but still, I continued my work, and soon she gave me her love. 


It continued for about 40 minutes, and my tool was stiff, and I lied to her in the doggy style, and my tool started sorting into her, which was very painful for her but still, she was quiet, and loudly I put my 6-inch tool fully inserted in her ass.


And she started screaming and grabbing the bed sheet. I then began with a slow thrust for 5 minutes and then increased my thrust, and she was crying more and more, but after a while, we changed position, and she sat on me and started working with my cock. 


I was touching her 34 size boobs which soon grew like a ball. I told her that I was going to cum for which she told me, please fill your seeds because I want to feel my scream inside them. I came inside her and filled my cum. After that, she just started sucking to clean my tool and get all the drops of my cock.


She fell on me, and we slept for an hour, and I was touching her boobs, nipples while I was asleep and by this scene, my equipment was tight, so I thought to fuck her during sleep, so I parted her legs and started inserting my dick in her hole. Did thrust after 3 minutes.


I noticed that she is not sleeping anymore and this time she is making love to fuck again, and I don’t know what happened to me and I came in just 10 minutes and spread my cock on her flat stomach which she didn’t like and I told her to clean it.  I took her to the washroom and made her stand under the shower.


And when a drop of water was on her, and I was cleaning her stomach with my hands, and then suddenly she pulled me into the shower for bathing. She applied the shower gel all over her body and started rubbing me on her body. My equipment stiffened again. 


And I wanted to fuck her again, so as soon as I started bathing and without rubbing myself, I took her to her bed and threw her on the bed, and she was shocked at it, and now I was so hard, and I wanted to fuck her. I applied some oil.


And as she started to put oil on her back, she thought I was giving her a massage, but soon she realized that as soon as I started to put oil on her ass and my dick, I was going to tear her ass which is not liking me and pushing me away.  But I didn’t listen to her and tried to put my dick in her ass.


I could not see her because her hole was tiny, so I forced my dick inserted into her. She started crying, but I didn’t bother, and I continued, I slapped her ass.  For 15 minutes, I came out of her hole and touched the whole spot of my cock.


I fell on her and saw her face. She was still crying,  I kissed her, hugged her tightly. It was 3 o’clock, and we were hungry, So I prepared some lunch. And then we had five more sessions till night, and then we had some drinks and one last session.