A Night Of Excitement

A Night Of Excitement   Hi, my name is Kushal. I am doing PG from a well-known college in Chennai, and I am a medium-looking guy.  I am going to share my experience from 8 months ago.   Raj is a friend of mine. It was our third semester, and Raj was able to arrange a trip(Goa) with his friend Rakhi. He invited her to a drinking party, which she also agreed to on one condition.  She will come with her friend, and my friend has to get a friend to avoid any noise there.   We agreed and booked four tickets.  Luckily I was the friend to accompany on Raj's side and Rakhi on their side. (unfortunately, Rakhi's friend didn't come at the last minute). So she was alone.    We arrived at 10:10 a.m. with three full bachelors and searched the rooms.  By the end, a taxi driver noticed us and took us to a separate house worth 2000 in one night.  We agreed because there was no other way.   We started drinking. I stopped in the middle and went to sleep (this is my condition).  The bottle ran out, and Rakhi vomited. And Raj called me to lift her, bathed her, and dressed her in Raj's T-shirt.  Again I went to sleep and saw that Raj was behaving wildly with her. She started screaming.  I kept sleeping (pretending to be asleep).     Kushal helped me because this guy was doing something. Then I went to him and pushed him aside and looked at Raj in the blink of an eye 'do when she is sleeping more'.  Raj misunderstood my gesture (I wish he could stop this nonsense) and looked at me and lay down on the bed.  It gave me a chance, she came up…

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