A Night With Her

A Night With Her   Hi my dear readers, My name is Raj, and I am 28 years old.  I am from Bangalore.  I am a Mechanical engineer.  My story is about me and my coworker (Radhika).  I always like her very much.  With her massive pair of tits and a round, heavy ass, she is 37 years old.   I have known Radhika for about three years.  She is gorgeous and sexy.  Especially I love her big boobs and ass. She is the woman of my imagination.  In most of the masturbation sessions, I think about how I can fuck her.  I see her every night in my dreams.     One day she called me to her house, she had some problem with the computer.  When I got to her place, I saw that she was with her son. She was in her off-red sleeveless night-wear. She looked so sexy.  She called me for tea after I corrected her computer problem.  After talking to her, I got to know that her husband was working as a computer engineer in Delhi.  He came here once a month and returned to his work after 2-3 days.  So she is alone with her six-year-old eldest son and also told me about the monotonous life.   While we were talking, she offered to come to my bedroom.  I went to the bedroom with her.  It was equipped with all the amenities.  She offered to sit on her bed, and she sat next to me.  While we were talking, she felt some sleeping action and told me that she wanted to talk to me while lying in bed.  I said it's okay.  After talking further, she came to this point; she asked me about my life because she knew I was unmarried, she…

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