All I Need Is Love 

All I Need Is Love    I am happy, Kavya, 21 years old.  My height is 5"1’, and my measurements are 34-26-30.  I am skinny with a tight butt; my bra size is 34B. I have a fair complexion with long, straight hair.   The incident happened to me four years ago when I was in college.  I was dating my classmate Joy.  We were together for about six to seven months.  After college, we would meet often, spend time together, go to the movies and stuff but never have sex.   We kissed a few times, and he touched my breasts a few times.  But that was all.  We did nothing more than that.  Boys and girls will fuck each other from the first date while they are in the generation; I want to have sex with him sometimes.   Joy indirectly tried to ask me if our relationship should lead to sex.  I’ll ignore him because I’m a bit conservative.   My best friend was Rakhi, and the hottest chick in the class.  She would often tell me how she had persuaded a random guy at the club or flirted with one of her education boys.  She encouraged me to have sex with Joy and grab his dick.  She made me imagine his cock and how it was getting into my pussy.   I woke up so much to her stories that I finally decided to lose my virginity to Joy.  I was determined to fuck Joy in my pussy.  The next thing was how to tell him I wanted his cock.  Asking him directly can be very awkward, so Rakhi suggests giving me some ideas.   Later that night, while I was chatting with Joy, I spied on the conversations.  I sent my nude picture revealing…

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