All Of Me Loves All You Baby 

All Of Me Loves All You Baby    Hi, I am Adil from chinsurah. I have a long-distance relationship with rakhi. Rakhi is a sexy girl. I met her after 5-6 months. So we both were excited. We met at our favorite park (New Digha, Chandannagar).    She came in a blue T-shirt and white skirt that made her look sexier.    We entered the park, and we chose the corner place so no one would see us. I kissed her on the cheek, and she responded quickly, then kissed on the chin and then sucked on the ear, and I sucked on her neck. Took some courage.  And kept the liplock she is cooperating with me. We exchanged saliva and did liplock for 5 minutes.   It was the best liplock in my life. I enjoyed that kiss; I saw that her breasts look like rocks on her t-shirt.  Her tits are stiff and straight. I am pressing her tips.  I kissed her on the cleavage and wet her t-shirt.   Again we started lip-locking. I was pressing her breasts hard, and she jumped,d "Ummm ah ahh'' and putting her hands on my equipment outside my jeans, she pushed hard. I made her breasts harder and removed her T-shirt. She was wearing a black bra.   Her bra covers half of her breasts.  I started kissing her boobs.  I removed her bra.  I bought Cadbury milk chocolate and put half chocolate on her breast, and sucked.  I sucked her nipple and bit her nipple, which made her moodier. She is pressing my mouth to suck more.   After sucking Rakhi's watermelons one by one, I licked her armpits, and I turned her back and kissed her. I gave a love bite on her back. She took off my…

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