An Evening With Full Of Pleasure 

An Evening With Full Of Pleasure  Hi, I am Shrestha from Kolkata.  This is the story of me and my office colleague Rahul.  I quit my job, but this incident still lingers in my mind.  I request you all to read till the end.  We have been working together for about four years, and the tone of our relationship was perfect.  We never had any intention in our minds that we would go to bed naked with each other one day. Let me tell you about Rahul. He has been married for over seven years, and he is about 32 years old. We were tuning in well with each other.  We need each other's help to work every day.   In August 2017, our company had its annual meeting, and we were taken to an outdoor resort on Saturday morning.  All staff members drove their cars to the resort. I don't want to go too deep, but it was 3 hours before our session ended, and we were all tired and had our tea break.  I rested for an hour, and then I was roaming in the resort when I saw Rahul, and then we had a little chat. As it was a big resort, we thought of looking, and we started exploring the place. We kept walking, chatting, joking and came to a beautiful and secluded place, and there was a view of beautiful Mandarmani beach in front of us. There was a rock on which we sat and enjoyed the natural beauty.  Our discussion was about family life, office life, company policy about employees, etc.  About 5:30 when we thought of going ahead and exploring more of the natural beauty.  When I was about to stand up, there was an obstruction in my back, and I started having…

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