Beyond Your Imagination

Beyond Your Imagination   Greetings to all.  I have been an ISS reader for quite some time.  This is my first ever story.  I am a 22-year-old boy from Kolkata and currently doing my animation course.  I am about 5 ″ 9′ tall with an average body.   This happened during Diwali 2012. My parents went to visit my grandparents at home alone for a whole month.  It was at this time that I had my first sexual encounter with my childhood friend kajal. I'm not sure who started it.  We were best friends, but I always had the feeling that my first time would be with her.   One day when we were returning home from school, it started to rain quite unexpectedly.  So there we were walking home from school in the rain.  It just rained, and it was about a kilometer away, not too far away.  My house was nearby, so we made a run for it. First, we went to change our wet clothes.  I gave her a long sleeve t-shirt to wear.  She changed it and took off all her other clothes.  I put on a T-shirt and one of my favourite boxers, and we left our clothes on the chair to dry.  She thought she should wait until the rain stopped and the clothes dried.  In the meantime, we decided to watch a movie to pass our time.   So I turned on the computer and put a romantic movie in it (because kajal asked me), and then we hovered under the blankets to warm up.  I realized how attractive she was in her wet and cold condition.  When we watched the movie, our hands clasped under the covers.  In the beginning, it was completely innocent and intelligent.  As soon as the movie…

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