Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Can't Stop Thinking About You   Hi, this is Subham from Darjeeling.  The girl of this sex story is Sayantoni, who is a bit dark, her size was about 34-30-36.     Coming to the sex story, this is my real story that happened 6 years ago.  I was working for an MNC company and usually traveled by shuttle. I used to sit in a seat where there were only 3 seats.   If a man came I would shudder inside and if it was a woman I would let her in so I could sit next to the girl.     One day, Sayantoni was sitting next to me. I was happy to think that any woman was sitting next to me but she was not so happy to be average.  I'm pretending I'm asleep.  I started to touch her arms, the upper arms to her arms.  She was happy and allowed me to move on.  It was the green signal for me.     Not having too much of a gap I slowly started pushing my elbow towards her belly.  She was hesitant at first, but slowly she allowed me.  How can I miss this opportunity?  I put my elbow inside and occasionally started rubbing my elbow on her stomach and upper fist.  That day I was able to do the maximum on the bus.   The next day she started talking to me and handed me a book to start a conversation.  So we get closer day by day.  Whenever there was a chance, I would pick her up and go down to the office and rub her upper body.  I had to come to the office on a Saturday because of my work pressure.  I told her I was coming to the office on Saturday.     The same…

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