Fantasy Life 

Fantasy Life    This story about how my girlfriend's best friend persuaded me to fuck her. Well, I am Arko; from Chennai, a 27-year-old man, currently 5'10 tall, with a beautiful decent-built 7-inch tool.    The story was about two years ago.  One of my girlfriends had Shruti, which was super hot. We've been together for a year, and we tried our best to have sex. One day we were discussing our fantasies so that we could spice up our sex life.   Since my girlfriend had modern cheeks, she never wore a saree.  So I told her how I wanted to fuck her in a white sari like the first night scene.  She told me it would happen soon. It was while we were at the graduation stage of our lives that we lived separately with friends in different places.  But we both had the key to each other's business, and we spent the weekend together.   Shruti had a best friend who lived with her.  Her name was Ankana. Ankana was a curvy woman with a 36-28-35 body when Shruti was thin and hot.  Her busty image will drive any man crazy.  Shruti used to share everything about our sex life with Ankana.   Ankana had a bad breakup and has not had a boyfriend for the last eight months.  So she was the third wheel.  She would go with us to restaurants and movie theaters.  So Shruti's birthday was coming up, and I wanted to plan a surprise party for her.  I invited her office friends and some other friends to help Ankana.   Ankana and I plan to meet at their house after Shruti leaves for work.  We both agreed that we would tell Shruti that we were going to the office.  I reached their…

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