First Meeting

First Meeting   Hey guys, this is Ayushmann, from Dubai.   This story is about Salini. She is 21 years old from Mumbai.  Her figure was 34D-28-32 white with gorgeous eyes and a very soft voice.   After posting my first sex interview on a website, I got many emails asking for women’s contact details, so I was a bit annoyed to see the feedback.  A few days later, I received an email from this girl asking about my current relationship, so I replied to her email.  I told her we had sex, and after that, I came to Dubai, so I am not in a relationship, but if anyone wants, I would like to have a relationship with a string-connected thread.     She replied to my mail and said that I would send you pictures and details of my contacts. If you are interested in sex, please reply to me with your photographs.   After receiving her pictures, I was surprised to see her hot photos, so I replied to her mail by sending my contact details and photographs.  She answered me back, but this time directly on my WhatsApp, and told me I like you.  You look innocent for sex.     So after some introduction, she came straight to the point and told me that I want to lose my virginity and have one of the dirtiest sex because I have never felt a physical relationship, so I want to be wild for the first time.  I told her I was in Dubai.     She was distraught because she knew it would not be possible for me to satisfy her.  So I had to take a risk because of her strong proposal because she was boiling, and she wanted to be satisfied and happy and didn't want to…

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