He Made Me His Bitch For A Day 

He Made Me His Bitch For A Day    Hi, I am Tisha from Pune. The story happened a long time ago, but it has changed my life forever.  I was renting a place in 7 rooms.  I was doing a postgraduate diploma and a part-time job to pay for housing and tuition.  The landlord was staying in the last room, and there was a kitchen in front of his house which we could use for making tea or making snacks.   The landlord was a middle-aged (Subham) dark young man whose family often lived in his village.  He was an amiable man, and occasionally we chatted and played carom.     Everything was normal until I got my part-time job, and I had no money to pay my rent as I could enable all of my study needs.  The landlord understood for a month but then started saying that I must find some way to pay him.  I was getting extra lovely with him so he wouldn’t throw me out.   One day as we were crossing each other in a narrow lobby, I turned to the side and walked away from him so he could go.   He stopped behind me and gently pushed his crutch on my ass and brought his lips to my ears, and whispered when you are going to give me a chiku.  Even though the situation was very stressful, his warm breath against my ears and cheeks was stimulating, and I unknowingly pushed my left towards his crotch so that soon I would be able to pay at least some of it.   He firmly pushed my crash into my butt against the wall and said he wanted to think about some way to pay and reduce this tension.  I could feel the…

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