Hold Me Tightly

Hold Me Tightly   I am Arjun from Siliguri.  First of all, tell me about myself.  I am a 22-year-old boy with six tall muscles and a fair complexion, and I can say that any girl can keep an eye on me.     This is the story of how I persuaded my friend's cousin Salini to take her to bed. She is just one year older than me, and she is a loving girl in Figure 36-26-34.  She is fair and medium built, and her melons are her most beautiful part.  The story is getting straight.   It was my vacation time in college, and I went to my friend's place.  When I went there on the first day, I was greeted and greeted most pleasantly.  In his place were his parents, saline, uncle and aunt and he. On the first day, everything became normal.     What started then was the next day.  I got up late, and no one tried to wake me up as soon as I found out about my busy schedule while I was a guest there.  It was already lunchtime when I woke up refreshed.  Aunt was quick to look up as she told me she wanted to go somewhere and had lunch right away.   I inquired about Salini, and she told me that she was at home and had already eaten her lunch. So no one was there as my friend went for an emergency, he will be back after a few days.    Very beautiful, my female fortune was helping me.  I will be alone with my angel Salini for the next few days.  Uncle and aunt left after lunch and told my angel to take care of me.   I was in the clouds at 9. We had our dinner…

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