I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind 

  I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind    Hello, my name is Arunabha and I am 19 years old. I am a college student seeking a B.Tech degree. I am a tall, slender, attractive with a 6-inch cock. Koyel, the gorgeous lady she is the main character. She is also a 19-year-old college student. She's a sultry adolescent with huge boobs and a beautiful ass. She is light-skinned and has gorgeous skin. She has a killer figure of 38d-29-38 and stands at a towering 5'6. A buddy of mine gave me her photo around four months ago, and when I sent her a request, she declined, demonstrating her conservative character. As a result, I requested that my friend introduce me to her. She told her all she needed to know about me before agreeing to my request. I first spoke with her openly, and on the seventh day of our conversation, I requested her phone number, which she readily provided me. Then we started chatting on Whatsapp. I began to trust her, and after a month, I asked her out. She rejected it, claiming it was too soon. So I waited two months before announcing my intention to go out. I flirted with her, cracking non-vegetarian and even filthy jokes, and she responded in kind. One day, while talking, she asked why I wasn't asking her out, so I tormented her a little and eventually asked her out.   So the "d" day arrived, and I picked her up, and she looked terrific in a one-piece outfit that reached just below her knees. Her scent was so alluring that I was taken aback for a second. Then I returned to my senses, and we went to a store where we had some snacks. Then I stopped the car in…

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