When I Met Her, I Fall In Love

When I Met Her, I Fall In Love   Let me tell you about myself, I am an engineer with an athletic body. My name is Amarjeet. Here I am going to share my true story, so be patient for the real action. It happened last year with a friend I met on FB.  She was dark, cat eyes, stomach flat, and brave.  She had average boobs, not too big.   One day while surfing FB, I came across this girl, and I liked her picture and sent her a friend request. I waited for a few days for her acceptance, but she did not accept it.  So I avoided it too. Life went on, and I even forgot about her.    One beautiful day, about a few months later, I received a notification that the girl had accepted my friends' request;  I was even more surprised when she replied to my message.  We started chatting on FB, and I learned she was heartbroken. She just had a breakup.   I had no intention of doing that.  We start chatting, and in a couple of days, it gets naughty.  Then I had this feeling in my mind that she could be a perfect friend.  Although we never talked about sex, I found that she could not deny it. I forgot to tell you that we both came from different cities. I worked in one town and studied in the next town.   One day we decided to meet in her town.  I had no plans to fuck her then, and it was just a casual reunion.  We met and drank until we were high.  We took the autorickshaw to her place. Since we were high and had a perfect time drinking, we would sit very close to each other,…

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