I Love Being Yours 

I Love Being Yours    I wanted to post this incident that happened last year. My friend and I bought an apartment together so we share adjacent flats on the fourth floor.     My friend's wife Garima is a housewife and she came to our house to chat with me and my wife as she is a neighbor. They recently got married in October and she is now three months pregnant.  Last year my wife traveled to my birthplace to attend an event and I came back.  Then came my lucky day.  As usual I was at home early and I was doing some work at home and Garima came to our house.     She said she was upset and asked me if we could chat.  She came downstairs and took a seat on the sofa I was sitting on.  I told her I was just browsing to get the new camcorder so she could join me too.  She was interested in electronics and while we were talking she said she had a camcorder that her husband bought from the US and it was pretty good.  She said she would get to do a demo of it.  She returned with a camcorder and showed some videos of her and her husband being shot during their honeymoon.  While we were looking at the video of the scene, suddenly the video changed and it was the video of my friend giving a body massage to Garima.     They recorded it and forgot to remove it.  She stopped it immediately and said nothing.  I told her there was nothing to worry about.  She was offended and I told her that she and my friend had a somewhat good time.  She told me that she accidentally fell pregnant because they did not use…

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