I Love To Enjoy The Pain 

I Love To Enjoy The Pain    This is what it was like for me to fuck a prostitute. Now, back to the story, I've always wanted to fuck a high-profile prostitute in a hostile and forceful manner. Still, I was afraid it would be risky, so I decided to do it and looked for call girls online, where I eventually found a girl named Kajal who charges 40,000 for a night. After a long negotiation, I finally booked her for the night and asked her to come to a hotel, which she did.    She was in her late twenties, tall, with a fair skin tone and a great structure of 36-30-38, wearing a tight shirt and a tight pair of trousers that made her full large ass look attractive.   I couldn't wait and locked the door and hugged her tightly and planted a deep kiss on her lips and licked her lips and took her tongue out and sucked it, and shaved it with my teeth. She began to suck my tongue hard as well, and I bit her nose and pushed her towards the bed and tied her both hands and legs into the bed and removed my shirt and said that I didn't leave; instead, I grabbed her head with my hands and kissed her passionately.    She was elevating her body like a rocket, and I sat and kissed her hard before removing her shirt, which revealed a tight white bra she was wearing.   She was shaking her big watermelon like a jelly cube, and I couldn't wait to remove her bra and see her big boobs wobbling, which made me even hornier. I pulled her bra, and I took both in my hands and crushed them, and she was resisting by…

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