I Never Want To Stop Making Memories With Her

I Never Want To Stop Making Memories With Her   This is Abhinav writing about my sexual encounter with my ex-married GF Salini. I am related to Delhi, and she broke up towards the end of college and never had contact with each other till 20 years.  September 2015 (when our batch was reunited).   Due to some of my pending work, I arrived late to reunite there. I went to the bar to have a drink. Some of my friends introduced me to Rajesh (Salini's husband). I greeted him.    OMG, Salini was in a transparent black saree (her figure must be 34-32-36 and height 5'5), and her milky white body was shining in front of me. I went into the world of my dreams. Every part of the body (remember she was equally warm in bed) she said "hi" to me lightly hugged me I gathered my senses I called her "hi" and hugged her then the part of the grip started.   Her husband was busy drinking, and I talked to her until the end. We exchanged numbers, and we said goodbye to each other, then a few days later, our standard message started on WhatsApp. She was also working in Delhi near my office.    So once while chatting, we planned to have lunch together in recovery, I chose a comfortable one with a sofa seat (its purpose was to accomplish my goal),   Chose a corner table she came a little later, and she looked in a yellow suit she looks beautiful, and we greeted each other went to the table.    I used to brew alcohol, so I offered her. She agreed and had a cocktail with her food.  She leaned towards me. She put her hand on my thigh from time to…

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