I Wanna Lick It Baby

I Wanna Lick It Baby   I am 27, a software engineer with a well-built body. This is my story of how to lose my virginity with Anukriti. She is a super sexy girl I met on a dating site. She was 25, fair skin, a beautiful face, 34 size boobs, perfect watch size.  We had a lot of sex chats and video chats.  Finally, we ended the meeting one day and slept like hell in her bed all night. The following day, I woke up to the sound of water under the tap.  I was naked.  It took me a second to figure out where I was.  I searched my phone and saw the time.  Then 9 a.m.   I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, where the sound of water came.  The door was slightly open.  I knocked.     Me: Anukriti     Anukriti: Hey Arun.  Yeah, that's me.  Come on in.   My dick was small by then.  I opened the door and walked inside. It was a decorated bathroom just like her house.  A large mirror, a neat floor, and finally a bathtub.  She was in the bathtub; my sexy girl was naked.  Fill the tub with hot water, and the water is still running from the bottom of the tap.   Her hair was in a bun and was filled with water until it parted.  She put her hand out, gesturing to me to join her in the bath.     She: Come on.  Come with me.  (Blink of an eye) There was a situation where a hot girl in the bathtub called you to join her.  And those eyes!  On top of that, a tempting eyelid.  O, God. This is such a turn.  My little cock started his reaction before he could…

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