I Wanna See Her Pain 

  I Wanna See Her Pain  Hey. All of this occurred a year ago. Everyone wants to fuck my bua because she is a charming and attractive lady. Aarti is her name, and she is 37 years old. Her measurements are 34-26-36. It all started with a post on Facebook. When we used to speak every day, she didn't react as quickly as usual, so I assumed she was unhappy and asked her.  She first refused to tell me anything, but as time passed and I continued to question her, she finally admitted that her spouse is not a decent man. As I asked her what happened, she initially hesitated, but when I persisted, she informed me that her husband and his mother did not treat her well. He only wants sex from me, and it doesn't matter how I'm feeling. To this, I said, "It's OK, but everything will be OK." She phoned me one day, and we had a regular conversation until she asked me a question.   She- do you have a girlfriend? Me - But why are you asking? She - Nothing. Me - OK. She - What kind of female do you like? Like you - I said.  Me - It's my good fortune to have a gf like you.  She - But are you genuinely fond of me now that I'm a bit older? Me: "No, but," I say, "you don't look your age." She - OK, so I'm your gf from now on (laughing) But- are you serious? She- yes, and I love you Yes, how can I lose my wonderful girlfriend? OK, I love you too, Bua (laughing) She immediately hangs up the phone as her mother-in-law called her to the kitchen to prepare something.  We used to chat on the…

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