I Want To Do It Again 

I Want To Do It Again    This story tells how in the 11th standard, I lost my [Sneha] virginity to my friend. This incident was in 2005 when I went to junior high school in Mumbai in my first year. It took place on 26 July 2005. In Mumbai town, it was a nightmare where more than 24 hours, the rains locked the city.   I've been from a little Gujarat village. I have stayed together with a couple of my classmates in Navi Mumbai. Our college had just begun in the early week of July. Many people around I didn't know. I joined a small group of 5-6 friends who visited Navi Mumbai before. There was a boy named Abhik, however, who stayed himself in Borivali. Our university announced that you could all leave on a rainy day, as the weather department notes a high tide. It was 5 pm at that time. There was already heavy rain, and roads turned towards the river. Only I and Abhik attended that day from my group. Till the bus stop, Abhik went with me. But for almost 2 hours there were no buses. Then we went to the station. It was 8 pm at this time. Abhik asked me to come to his house since nothing was available. I was thinking and agreeing that it's not that good to wait on roads for some time.   I've been wearing a chiffon top. I was completely wet, and the top of my cloth was transparent because of the rain. With his friends, he stayed there. But nobody had come back that day. I felt uncomfortable. I got into his house, however. He gave me his towel and asked me to get dry. But I was drenched in wet clothes. The…

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