I Want Your Love Bites 

I Want Your Love Bites    It all started when I least expected it to. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to fuck my aunt in my entire life.   This is the story of how my wildest dreams came true. I'm a 19-year-old guy with a slim body, 5'11" height, and an 8-inch cut cock with a giant pink mushroom head. My aunt is a 43-year-old fair-skinned woman with big boobs (which turn out to be 36 C Bra) and a nice big ass. She was a little overweight, but only in the right places. She was only 5'4" tall.   We live in nearby apartments, so I could see her and jerk away thinking about her. It was one of my fantasies to fuck her, and it came actual one day.   My family decided to go on a trip about 100 kilometers from our home, one fine morning. My aunt's family was also planning to join us.    But, sadly, our trip came to an end, and I had to stop enjoying her. After we returned from the temple. After a few days, my aunt summoned me to her house to lift some heavy objects. My uncle and aunt's daughter were both out of town. She was at home by herself.   I didn't make much eye contact with my aunt because I was worried that something would go wrong. But I was mistaken. She closed the main door and motioned for me to come into the bedroom.   I followed her; she stood there with her hands folded and her head held high. I walked into the room and saw her. She shattered the silence. “Come here, don't be shy!” she said.   I approached her. We took a seat on the bed. She…

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