I Wasn’t Expecting Her

I Wasn't Expecting Her   Hi, I am Ratul from Bangalore; the story I will explain happened in my engineering days. I studied in Hyderabad till my graduation, and now I live in Bangalore. Let me explain myself; I look tall, fair complexion.    I was very horny in my college days, so I decided to fuck a girl, but I don't have a girlfriend, so I decided to ask my friend who has contact with most of them specially foreigner escorts. We chased for the hot girl, after searching for three days we chose a foreign escort named Jenifer.  She is a sexy girl with a perfect figure (34-28-32).  We somehow managed a place, and the day came true.  She came to our place and settled down for some time. Meanwhile, my friend first rushed to the bedroom to give her a chance to fuck.   I was anxiously waiting for my turn and not controlling it, so I started peeking through the gap between the door and the floor.  My friend was teasing her in different positions, and I could hear her voice saying, “Aaahhh ahhh Ummm mmmhhh.”  After a while, my turn started, I went in and saw my friend and Jenifer were tired, so I remained silent for a while in front of her.  She wore a T-shirt and wrapped a towel around her waist; slowly, I woke her up with my touches.   At first, I started playing with her boobs; wow, what a milk tanker she got. First, I licked her left nipple gently to lay her on the bed and pressed right. We kissed each other for 15 minutes; then I started sucking her tits for another 15 minutes.   She was in rhythm and started kissing me. Now I bought honey…

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