I Will Never Stop Trying

I Will Never Stop Trying   Hi, I am Raunak from Kolkata. The story begins here. One day I visited a friend of mine at one of the branch offices, and a beautiful girl was sitting there and talking to him.  I went there and chatted with my friend but saw her.  Her name is Sukanya.  She could be a perfect fuckable girl in 34 sizes.  I knew she was interested in my look too.     As soon as my friend went to the restroom, I surprised her by asking for her mobile number.  Unacceptable right, but it's true.    Then I came from there and called her and talked to her. She studied in BCA 2nd year and exchanged details with our staff.  Then I asked her to come to meet me, but she refused.  I told her to go again, 10 minutes yes and no she refused to come.     I picked her up on my bike and went to my favorite beach. The weather was excellent; the cute girl was by my side. Suddenly I took her mobile; she was trying to get it back from me, while I touched her hips and hands, she let go.   I took pictures from her camera and asked her to pose.  We both joined our hands and took pictures; then, in the following image, I asked her to give me a kissing gesture, she neglected it.  I explained to some of them and said that after watching, we would delete it, and I kissed her on the cheek and took the picture.  Then the game begins with a photo of the two kissings.     I boldly placed my hand on her shoulder, and after 5 minutes, I gently put my hand on her boobs.  She continued to resist…

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